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Caledonian Vapes – Alba Mist – Breakfast – Review

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Alba Mist – Breakfast – Review

Breakfast was the very first liquid I tried from Caledonian Vapes Alba Mist line and also the first I reviewed for them. It is only fitting that it is the first that I write about when revisiting the reviews in written form.

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At the time of writing breakfast is not currently available to purchase but you can be sure David probably has this steeping away somewhere ready to make a surprise return.

The smell from the bottle is very much a strawberry jam type smell. Not much more is given away at this point.

Inhale is a lovely toast flavour, not too strong but strong enough to get those tastebuds going. There are tones of strawberry coming through towards the end of this. The exhale the toast continues to be present and the strawberry flavour seems to enhance and turn more towards a strawberry jam flavour. It does not end there though, there is a very slight hint of a tea flavour riding underneath this. Whilst present in a very subtle form it is there to tone down the sweetness of the strawberry and it does this very well indeed. Breakfast is a lovely smooth vape and incredibly satisfying it is easy to pick out the flavours and is highly recommended. Breakfast, Jam on Toast with a Cuppa – Bottled!

Overall this is an incredible flavour. It has been a long time since I have had this but I remember other reviewers raving about this liquid. This was the beginning of my Alba Mist journey and the beginning of an addiction!

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