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Caledonian Vapes – Apple Pie and Custard – Alba Mist

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Caledonian Vapes – Apple Pie and Custard – Alba Mist

Another review, well revisit for one of the liquids I reviewed previously on Youtube for Caledonian Vapes.

If you are new to this company check this post out for all the information to save repeating it every review.

So let’s get on with the review. I was really looking forward to this one. For one I love apple pie liquids and two the Alba Mist custards are very nice. So a combination of the two should be great. The inhale starts off like a true apple pie, notes of pie crust with the apple coming in after. Its like biting into the apple pie with the tastes in that order. Towards the end of the inhale is the easily distinguishable tones of custard coming in and then its time to exhale. The exhale really allows the custards to cover all of the other flavours, going from a fruity pie inhale the smooth vanilla custard takes over. Lots of creaminess here just as with all of the custards I have tried from Alba Mist. It works really well with the apple pie and is one of my favourites from this line. The apple is a teaser here coming in and out of the exhale as you slowly breath out but then reappears right at the end and stays on your tongue long after.


The product page is located at this link and remember the code BADGER saves 10%

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