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Caledonian Vapes – Choc Orange – Alba Mist

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Caledonian Vapes – Alba Mist

For all company information check this post out first if you are new to this company.

Caledonian Vapes – Choc Orange – Alba Mist

Let’s go with this one. I am a huge lover of chocolate orange and in particular, Terry’s chocolate orange and even the odd orange smarties even though those things used to make me go wild as a kid ( so my mum says ) So move over Terry, this is David’s Choc Orange liquid and I am going to let you know my thoughts on it.

This made a reappearance around Christmas 2017 which is about right, I always land up with at least 4 chocolate oranges at Christmas. Smelling the juice you can instantly smell the orange coming out of the bottle and tones of chocolate. So without any further waffle lets get vaping. On the way in the inhale is predominately an orange taste, more like an orange juice and nice and sweet rather than the usual sharp notes of orange. The exhale brings out a rich, smooth chocolate followed by the orange. The two flavours just work together really well to almost give a swirling sensation of chocolate and orange where the two flavours kind of come in waves. Sometimes more chocolate, others more orange. Incredible liquid.

Chocolate vapes are quite hard to find where they are not too sickly or almost have a cheap nasty chocolate taste. Anything that I have tried from Caledonian Vapes containing chocolate is made really really well.

You can purchase directly at this link, remember BADGER saves 10% at checkout as always.

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