Caledonian Vapes – Alba Mist For all company information check this post out first if you are new to this company. Caledonian Vapes – Choc Orange – Alba Mist Let’s go with this one. I am a huge lover of chocolate orange and in particular, Terry’s chocolate orange and even the oddRead More →

Alba Mist Line See this post for additional information regarding Caledonian Vapes and Alba Mist. Caledonian Vapes – Turkish Delight – Review Another review initially carried out for Youtube but revisiting today to share with you all. Turkish Delight, never had it in liquid form before but is one ofRead More →

Caledonian Vapes – Apple Pie and Custard – Alba Mist Another review, well revisit for one of the liquids I reviewed previously on Youtube for Caledonian Vapes. If you are new to this company check this post out for all the information to save repeating it every review. So let’s getRead More →

Alba Mist – Custard Donut – Review There’s two things I love in e-liquids, custard and donuts. Similarly there are two types of liquid that Caledonian Vapes produce very well, custards and donuts. So this review combines the two and we get custard donut. The scent from the bottle isRead More →