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Dr Frost – Remedy – Review

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Dr Frost is a Malaysian eliquid manufacturer that originally launched with 4 flavours. Grape Ice, Strawberry Ice , Watermelon Ice and Orange & Mango Ice. There was also a Candycane flavour for Christmas. More recently they ventured into the milkshake flavours with Banana, Strawberry and Blue Raspberry Milkshake. Their latest liquid is called Remedy and is a flavour inspired by Calpol!

Previously I have tried all of the liquids bar Watermelon and Candycane as those flavours do not appeal in the slightest! Remedy attracted me because of the flavour profile. I always remember the taste of Calpol from growing up and having kids myself there was something about that stuff. It is the only medicine my kids take without a fuss.

Remedy – The Review

Right, Remedy comes as a 120ml shortfill, that’s 100ml of liquid with enough space for 2 nicotine shots. This will make it 3mg and 120ml. Remedy is mixed to a ratio of 70VG/30PG. I am pretty intrigued by this flavour so could not wait for it to arrive. Once it did I was straight into it popping off the cap to add the nicotine. Before doing so I could not resist a quick drip on the finger and it really does taste similar to Calpol. In went the nicotine shot ( I only added the one ) and off I went to find something to vape it on.

Opting for the Kylin I was quick to fill it up. Sniffing Remedy gives a milder Calpol type smell vs the actual taste of the liquid from the bottle. Inhale is a strawberry flavour that is rather nice, not a fresh strawberry much sweeter than that almost a candy type.

On the exhale comes more of the strawberry and a nice dash of cream to it. The smell and the straight from the bottle taste is unfortunately as far as the Calpol taste goes. The liquid once vaped becomes something different. I suppose in a way it is similar but still so far off the mark its a little disappointing. Disheartening because the initial taste and smell were so different. However, with that said, the flavour is still nice to vape and I have enjoyed vaping it. I did try this on a couple of RDAs but the was not a lot of difference in the flavour. For me, it is a nice strawberry candy and cream type flavour. Well balanced and a nice sweet vape.

So there you have it, if you are interested in purchasing hit up No1ejuice for this liquid. Pricing is set at £22.95 exc nicotine shots.


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