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Dr Vapes – 1010 – Apple Sauce

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Intro to Dr Vapes

Dr Vapes are a UK ejuice company hailing from London in the UK. I met with Dr Vapes at Vape Jam in London back in April 2017. I was in awe of one of their liquids called Dat Blue Stuff. Dat Blue Stuff fast became a favourite juice of mine and is the best blue slush type flavour I have tried. With this in mind fast forward to October 2017 at the VaperExpo in Birmingham. I met up with the guys again to sort out reviewing one of their new juices 1010. I would link my previous reviews from Youtube but since they lost them the original line will also be reviewed on here shortly. One thing is for certain, Dr Vapes are here to stay and I look forward to the liquids that they bring out in the future. Dr Vapes and the team are certainly passionate about what they produce and this is evident once you try their liquids.

Today I will be sharing my thoughts on 1010 – Apple Sauce. This comes as a 50ml shortfill bottle and is available from Smokium. Shortfills in case you are new to vaping are a means to carry on buying liquid in larger bottle sizes. They contain no nicotine but all have space to allow you to add nicotine shots to your taste. Apple Sauce from 1010 is mixed to a ratio of 70/30. Let’s get this open and reviewed!

Lets Vape! 

As I had tried and loved the original line I could not wait to crack this open. Due to the issues with my Youtube channel I had to wait until recently to really get going on this juice. Opening the bottle reminds me of an Apple juice kind of smell. The inhale is a luscious apple flavour that is incredibly flavoursome. The exhale is very much the same but the apple really comes alive. I think I get a couple of different apples coming out and as the exhale continues some very subtle notes of a vanilla creep in. This adds a nice element of sweetness to the liquid. Flavourwise this reminds me of the filling of an apple pie, just that, no pie. To be honest it is a lovely flavour. Really well crafted, very smooth and full of delicious apple.

As apple flavours go this is very nice. I like the addition of the vanilla in the exhale it adds a new dimension to the liquid. The whole flavour leaves you coming back for more which is a trend with all of the Dr Vapes line from my experience. I am looking forward to seeing if anything else is added to this 1010 line in the future.


Dr Vapes is a company to look out for. If the past lines are anything to go by the future will be very exciting indeed. They have recently launched the Panther Series. I am looking forward to trying the first one Pink which is a blend of blackcurrant and candy floss.

Pricing on Apple Sauce from Smokium is £22.99 for the 50ml bottle. This is towards the higher end of the scale when it comes to liquids of this size. However, I recommend you trying this if you are into liquids of this kind of flavour profile. There may be cheaper deals available elsewhere so definitely worth shopping round.


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