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Flavour Boss

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Introduction to Flavour Boss

Flavour Boss or should I say the Award Winning Flavour Boss now! These guys have been around for a while now and are another company that I had reviewed a lot for before my Youtube videos were lost. Flavour Boss are a godsend for people that are looking into DIY juices but do not have the knowledge on where to begin ( like me )

Personally, I have attempted many times to make my own liquid but so far anything other than a simple one flavour mix has been a failure. This is where Flavour Boss comes in. There are two main liquid lines that they concentrate on, liquids and boss shots. I will go through both below starting with the premade liquids.

Flavour Boss E-Liquids

Flavour Boss e-liquids are basically premade and pre-steeped liquids of each of their boss shot range. Available in both 10ml and 30ml sizes these are a great way to get an idea of the flavours you might like out of the boss shots range. Prices start at £1.49 for the 10ml and £3.49 for the 30ml bottle. It is worth noting that all of these contain no nicotine. Once you read about the boss shots you will understand why these are a great idea and I will touch on these again in that part too.

There will be various reviews coming up on these shortly as I have been very fortunate to have tried most of the range now.

Flavour Boss – Boss Shots

Boss shots are amazing, a great idea and while now there are a few companies that do similar many have tried to ride on the success of Flavour Boss with this. The idea is you receive a large bottle, either 500ml or 1 litre that contains all of the concentrates required to make your own liquid to a predefined recipe. It is foolproof ( I managed ) all that is required is your own supply of VG / PG / Nicotine ( or nic shots ). Follow the recipe on the side of the bottle adding the appropriate amount of ingrediants as you go. For more options you can use the boss calc to help with adjusting nicotine levels or mix ratios to suit your taste. Once you have chosen your options and mixed up your boss shot all that is left to do is attempt to wait it out for the steeping process to finish. This is perhaps the hardest part!

A few tips for those of you that are new to boss shots or mixing your own liquids.

  • Make sure to have a selection of syringes 1ml, 10ml, 50ml should suffice.
  • When using syringes remove the needle ( life will become much easier this way )
  • When measuring VG use a clean pyrex jug or measuring cylinder as VG is very thick and even without the needle it is a mini workout to draw up the VG in a syringe.
  • Be sure to use gloves when adding nicotine. Latex ones not wooly gloves, safety first!
  • Label the bottling date on the bottle and the steep end date.

The options with these are endless. In addition each of the boss shots pages has the individual recipe so you can see exactly what concentrates have gone into your mix. This is not so you can recreate it, it is more so you can adapt your flavour. You may feel that something is lacking or you want more of a particular flavour to come through you can see what you need to add. Excercise caution here and do not over do it if you do so, it is easy to add extra, impossible to remove excess.

For those that are overwhelmed by the range available I recommend the Flavour Boss E-liquids. These are a cost effective way of trying out the flavours you might be interested in making to see if you like them or not. Once you have found your liquids that you like then head over to the boss shot page to grab those big bottles.

The main attraction to boss shots is that they are extremely cost effective vs buying premium liquids all the time. Costs of the boss shots start at £7.99 (500ml) up to £35.99 (1ltr). However most are in the range of £12.99(500ml) to £28.99 (1ltr). Even factoring in costs of VG, PG and nicotine the costs per ML are very good. VG and PG are cheaper when brought in higher quantities. If you are planning on repeat purchases buy enough at one time to make a good few bottles.

It is this great value that won them the best value eliquid award in the recent ecigclick awards.

If you have any furher questions hit me up or reach out to FlavourBoss on social media.

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