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Flavour Boss – Boss Reserve – Ejuice Review

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Flavour Boss E-Liquid Review

First off you may or may not have seen my review on Youtube. However, since Youtube somehow misplaced all of my videos I have vowed to write some of them again on here. As well as continuing written reviews for the future. I have around 20 Flavour Boss reviews to write so bear with me. I will be working on the reviews from the past and adding in new ones as they are received.

For those of you new to flavour boss you may want to check out my overview of Flavour Boss post out first.

Boss Reserve

Boss Reserve is an amazing combination of Bananas, Caramel, Peanut Butter, Vanilla and a crunchy cereal topping, incredibly tasty and incredibly delicious – Flavour Boss

As part of the original review, I faced this off against the Cuttwood Boss Reserve that inspired this liquid. Another cereal type liquid that I really enjoyed was the original boss reserve however whilst enjoyable it was lacking something. No matter how hard I tried I could not pull much in the way of a banana flavour.

Flavour Boss won the faceoff for me with their version of Boss Reserve. From the moment you open the bottle you can smell banana, it was immediately noticeable. Now if the rest of it is as good as the original then it will be a fantastic liquid. The inhale I got loads of banana and a nice plain cereal taste adding a nice savoury note to it. There is some subtle nuttiness here too. The exhale is a different story and is rather incredible. The banana developers and mixes with the nuts. There’s vanilla coming through but not very strong and a very nice creaminess to it. Towards the end, there are biscuits and the sweetness of the caramel coming out. The caramel is a funny one, sometimes you notice it early on it the exhale, others right at the end.

To sum this one up, this is one of those liquids that I could pick up ready for the day at work and not worry that it is my only juice. Its a lovely full flavoured juice and kicks arse over the Cuttwood version in my opinion.


10/30ml eliquid

Boss Shot

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