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Flavour Boss – Cherry Tunes – Ejuice Review

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Flavour Boss E-Liquid Review

First off you may or may not have seen my review on Youtube. However, since Youtube somehow misplaced all of my videos I have vowed to write some of them again on here. As well as continuing written reviews for the future. I have around 20 Flavour Boss reviews to write so bear with me. I will be working on the reviews from the past and adding in new ones as they are received.

For those of you new to flavour boss you may want to check out my overview of Flavour Boss post out first.

Cherry Tunes

Cherry Tunes Boss Shot by Graeme Kerr is the perfect blend of cherry, mint and eucalyptus. – Flavour Boss

Cherry Tunes, I was ready for this not. I had learnt not to judge liquids that do not normally go with my usual tastes. Blackcurrant tunes taught me that! To be honest, I was expecting much the same review, exchange blackcurrant for cherry job done, thanks Flavour Boss.

Not quite as simple as that, Smellwise it smells exactly like cherry tunes medicated sweet its not appealing to me though. The inhale is very much that same punchy, cold, mint hit like that of the blackcurrant tunes. With this I can taste the cherry, together yes the flavour is like cherry tunes. The exhale the same flipping of flavours with the cherry coming out on top, it is at this point I would have prefered the cherry to remain below the mints and eucalyptus flavours. Its just not working for me. I didn’t enjoy it at all to be honest.

From a flavour perspective, yes its cherry tunes. It will appeal to those that like a cherry flavour and that like menthol type flavours. We already established that this isn’t something I would go for when I opened up the blackcurrant tunes review. So this is more of a personal preference, rather than a terrible flavour. Give it a whirl though if its your kind of thing. I think if torn between the two tunes flavours opt for the blackcurrant, I just found it far more enjoyable.

I gave the bottle away and was reliably informed it was very good, so yeah, it’s just me not liking it!


10/30ml Eliquid

Boss Shot

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