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Flavour Boss – Looperz – Ejuice Review

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Flavour Boss E-Liquid Review

First off you may or may not have seen my review on Youtube. However, since Youtube somehow misplaced all of my videos I have vowed to write some of them again on here. As well as continuing written reviews for the future. I have around 20 Flavour Boss reviews to write so bear with me. I will be working on the reviews from the past and adding in new ones as they are received.

For those of you new to flavour boss you may want to check out my overview of Flavour Boss post out first.


Looper is a lovely concoction of creamy strawberries, red berries and crunchy cereal – Flavour Boss

Cereal based eliquids, I could not bear the thought of them when I first started vaping. I considered it to be one of those types of flavours that would be absolutely minging! That changed when I was mistakenly sent some Cuttwood Bird Brains instead of something else I had ordered and actually found that it was not that bad of a flavour. It’s true to say bird brains is a mixed bag when it comes to reviews but had I not of had this I wonder if I would have landed up trying cereal liquids ever.

So Looperz from flavour boss is inspired by the well known Looper eliquid, this one, in particular, is one I have tried and can compare too. The smell from the bottle is that distinctive fruity cereal smell that I have become so very used to now. So let’s get into it! Inhale is spot on for fruit cereal, a distinctive flavour that you can pull out every single time from a juice. Mixed with this I get a strawberry flavour too. There are some hints of cream towards the end of the inhale. Exhaling starts with more of the cream coming through, almost as though it is swirling around the cereal. The citrusy fruity notes of the fruit loops come out a lot stronger at this point. There are some berries riding along in there too, I get a kind of raspberry subtly coming through and this is how the exhale pretty much ends. The strawberry from the inhale is right there throughout and adds nice sweet notes to the liquid which I think tone down the sharpness of the flavour. Looper itself was a rather sharp flavour I found, really nice but a little OTT at times. Looperz I could vape all day long.


10/30ml Liquid

Boss Shot

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