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Flavour Boss – Lunch Ladies Lemon Tart – Eliquid Review

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Flavour Boss E-Liquid Review

First off you may or may not have seen my review on Youtube. However, since Youtube somehow misplaced all of my videos I have vowed to write some of them again on here. As well as continuing written reviews for the future. I have around 20 Flavour Boss reviews to write so bear with me. I will be working on the reviews from the past and adding in new ones as they are received.

For those of you new to flavour boss you may want to check out my overview of Flavour Boss post out first.

Lunch Ladies Lemon Tart

Lunch Ladies Lemon Tart Boss shot by Darren Cole is a tangy lemon curd lavished over gooey Meringue, enveloped in delicious thin crust Pastry.- Flavour Boss

Back to this one again. I reviewed this way back on Youtube where I mixed up the boss shot left it to steep for an eternity and came back with my final thoughts. This was my take on this juice.

Lunch ladies lemon tart ( LLLT from now on )is a recipe by Darren Cole. Lemon tart eliquids for me remind me of one company. Sure lots of other companies have attempted this flavour, with their own takes, some succeeded whilst others failed miserably. I was keen to see what the attempt from Darren Cole was going to be like. Especially since I had heard so much about the quality of Flavour Boss liquids previously. This was my first review for the company when I produced the video for Youtube, I am about 20 flavours in as I said above.

Anyway, enough of the waffle lets crack on. After what seemed like a lifetime I took that first sniff of my fully steeped LLLT. The smell I get from it is predominantly lemon as expected. The inhale starts off with a tasty buttery pastry type of flavour and quickly works up into the lemon notes coming through. The lemon is quite strong initially. Exhale allows the lemon to die down somewhat and you get a mixture of a sugary sweetness and the meringue coming through. The meringue is not particularly strong but of course, you can add more to suit your taste if you so wish. Personally, I can taste it that is enough for me. What I found with other liquids is that the meringue is supposed to be there but you cannot taste it, I quite like meringue in liquids it’s a nice addition.

As this was a boss shot I must say that the flavour itself changes dramatically as you are using it and the end result I feel is much like a gooey lemon curd tart. This is a liquid that keeps on giving and one you will want to keep coming back to for more. Such an amazing blend and its clear Darren Cole is one talented mixologist for coming up with this recipe.One thing I am certain of is that despite the name this juice stands up for itself, its not claiming to be a direct clone of another brand. Inspired by maybe, but in many ways, this is the better juice of the two ( and I love that other one )!


10/30ml Eliquid

Boss Shot

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