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Flavour Boss – Purple Slush – Eliquid Review

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Flavour Boss E-Liquid Review

First off you may or may not have seen my review on Youtube. However, since Youtube somehow misplaced all of my videos I have vowed to write some of them again on here. As well as continuing written reviews for the future. I have around 20 Flavour Boss reviews to write so bear with me. I will be working on the reviews from the past and adding in new ones as they are received.

For those of you new to flavour boss you may want to check out my overview of Flavour Boss post out first.

Purple Slush – Graeme Kerr

Purple Slush Boss Shot is a delicious mix of grape, berries and boysenberry – Flavour Boss

One of the newer liquids this time around. This time I am looking at purple slush. Now I am mixed on these slush types of liquids, sometimes they are just far too cold. None the less I am prepared to take a brain freeze on this one! The smell when opening is a nice fruity smell, in particular, I get a grape smell.

The inhale is that cooling I was expecting, It did not blow me away. Not in the sense of it wasn’t nice in fact it was more the way that I like it, cold enough! Mixed with this coolness is a black grape, almost tasting like the fizzy drink called Ka. The exhale the coolness dissipates a little to allow the grape to come through along with some berry type flavour maybe a raspberry. Perhaps though its the boysenberry that is in the description. I would not know what that tastes like! Lets assume it is that! All the way through the exhale my minds telling me there is like a fizzy sensation going on in this liquid. Almost like a hint of sherbet has been thrown in the mix.

This is a gorgeous flavour and I will put this one up the top with some of the better liquids I have tried from Flavour Boss. Really smooth, no harshness and well-balanced cooling.


10/30ml Eliquid

Boss Shots


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