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Hey everyone, long time!

Back with another review though and this time I am going to be giving my thoughts on one of the new liquids from Riot Labs. Riot Labs if you had not figured it out are the guys behind Riot Squad.

I received this bottle from Simply Eliquid as an extra to one of my orders and absolutely smashed through the bottle. My first impressions when smelling this were that I was not going to like it in the slightest. There was a distinctive Heisenberg smell that in general, I do not like. However, I persevered for the purpose of reviewing and soon the bottle was gone! The flavour profile, which I will go through in a moment, just should not work! But somehow it works and it works in style.

Starting with the inhale you get the distinctive berry & aniseed flavours of the Heisenberg with a little bit of a cooling sensation but not as strong as your regular Heisenberg. That is where the familiar notes of Heisenberg stop. The exhale brings out notes of pastry and a rich custard taste that adds a whole new dimension to the liquid. Somehow the flavours just merge into something incredible and very satisfying in terms of the enjoyment level. This is a very sweet juice and is not too friendly on the coils but for me to get this kind of flavour I do not mind changing my cotton more often.

This is one of those juices that gave an instant wow factor when I first tried it. Perhaps you have seen this and are on the fence as to whether to try it or not, come off the fence and get some!

As is normal these days, this juice comes in a 50ml shortfill, nicotine shots are of course optional.

You can purchase from my friends at Simply Eliquid by clicking here! My code vapingwithjay15 will give 15% off all orders.

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