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Handmade Coil Builders

I am always asked about coil builders that I recommend so I have added a listing page to the site containing my current recommended builders. I welcome further suggestions of people to add to this list as currently, I have only two people listed. New additions will be checked out and will be added to the site accordingly.

Both John and Chris are highly talented when it comes to the craft of building a decent coil for your use. As much as I would love to do this I just do not have the patience to do this so thankfully there are folk out there that will go through this for you. Contact them with your needs, even if you have no idea what you need. Both are more than approachable and will help and advise what would suit your vaping style and setup. A lot of pride goes into each and every coil and all coils come properly packaged and cleaned ready for you to use.

Similarly, SaddleHorseBlues in Canada also come recommended and I will be getting a review up shortly. SaddleHorseBlues do not currently ship to the UK. However, there will be a UK stockist very shortly.

Please add a comment or drop me a message either on social media or by the contact me page with any recommendations. There are many out there, I have seen pictures on social media. Please note though I do not want Del Boy dealers that buy in bulk off Fasttech to sell on as their own. All recommendations will be checked out. While there is nothing wrong with machine-made coils experience shows that they do not perform as well as some of the handmade coils out there.

Check out the list here – Handmade Coilbuilders

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