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Lord Cogingtons – 3 Flavour Review

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If you are on Twitter, Lord Cogingtons is a name that no doubt you may of come across. This is a UK based company set up by a vaper for vapers! Not just a company that are only interested in taking your money and having no interest in the products that they sell. This is a company with some seriously good customer service, knowledge and product range.

Having started making juices in mid 2016 Lord Cogingtons over time developed an initial launch line up of nine flavours that went through rigorous testing and scrutiny. These nine flavours quickly became very popular among users online as well as the friends and family that had enjoyed them long before launch.

Today I will be looking at three of the newest flavours. As proof that Lord Cogingtons are always looking over their line and analysing every part of their business these three new flavours replace three of the original line up.

There is far more information about the testing and process available on the Lord Cogingtons website.

Purchasing Options

All of the Lord Cogingtons liquids are available in various options. These are as follows.

Shortfills – 50ml of Liquid in a 60ml bottle allowing you to add an optional nicotine shot. Prices are £10 or £9 if you opt for a random flavour

Cog Shots – A 250ml bottle containing exactly the right measure of concentrate to allow you to mix to your own requirements, using VG / PG, Nicotine and your own time. This option will require you to allow time to steep but is a cost effective way of stocking up on your favourite Lord Cogingtons liquids. Cost varies between £9.00 – £9.50.

Pre-Steeped Cog Shots – All of the hard work carried out for you including steeping. You will receive a 250ml bottle containing 210ml of pre-mixed and pre-steeped liquid all you need to do is add your optional nicotine shots. Pricing is flavour dependent £17 – £18.

Pre-Mixed Cog Shots – As above but you will be required to steep the liquids upon receipt. These are made to order and are priced depending on flavour at either £13 or £14.

It is also worth noting nicotine shots are available in 70/30, 100vg or iced. Theres a reason for the iced one read on to find out.

For 30% off your FIRST order use COGGY30 at checkout.

The Review

The flavours I am going to review are in the order that I tried them. I received each flavour in a full shortfill size and opted to add nicotine shots to each liquid.

Peanut Custard

I admit it, I am a custard freak, that or doughnuts. Both in eliquid and food form! Can’t get enough of it and my waist size is proof of that. Thankfully I can just vape these flavours and start to shrink again!

Peanut custard from the bottle smells beautiful, you can instantly recognise the nutty smell coming out of the bottle before you add in the nicotine shot. This smells good enough to eat ( but don’t, its much better vaped )

The inhale is predominately a rich, smooth nutty experience. The peanut flavouring is not too heavy like in some other nut flavoured liquids out there. The exhale, much more of the nut coming through but also notes of a lovely vanilla custard also. These settle underneath the nut taste which is still strong throughout the entire exhale but is not too dominant so as you cannot taste the custard. Far too many companies go over the top with nut flavours and take away the complimenting flavours underneath. Thankfully this is not the case here. Lord Cogingtons has crafted an incredible liquid here. Super smooth and full of flavour.


There is one fruit out there that I do not like and that is melon, but I do have a thing for cucumber in eliquids. Given the quality of the peanut custard, I was keen to get into this one.

Now I mentioned about nicotine shots above regarding an iced version to add into your shortfill. This is the option that I chose for this liquid. What I have done is chosen to try a few puffs without the iced nicotine shot and then added it into the bottle to compare the experience.

The smell from the bottle is a strong flavour of honeydew melon, I don’t like them and can generally smell them in any juice. Despite not actually liking them there are a few liquids that I have enjoyed that actually contain honeydew melon so I am not ruling out liking it!

The inhale is as I expected, a full on honeydew melon, nice authentic flavour and no chemical taste. The exhale is where the cucumber comes into play and adds something different to the liquid and almost turns it into a kind of melon mojito, a sprig of mint and its nailed! Not bad at all.

Next up I added the iced shot to the mix and went for it again. This time the inhale was pretty much the same with an icy hit on the throat which was rather nice and I found calms the honeydew down somewhat. The exhale is wonderful, the cucumber and ice really work well to tone everything down and this actually turns out to be a really nice liquid. Very refreshing and arrived just in time for summer.

Don’t look at this and think cucumber, yuck! this just works and I recommend it to any one that likes something a little different.

Zesty Days

Zesty days I saved till last, not for any particular reason, something had to be last!

I get a citrus smell from the bottle, most notably lime.

The inhale is a lovely refreshing inhale, the cooling effect really kicks in straight away with some notes of lemon and lime coming in towards the end. The exhale continues to be a cold cold affair but the lemon and lime working much harder to come to your tastebuds attention and are really nice to taste. The lemon is very zesty and gives nice citrus notes throughout. The lime also adding a great dimension to the juice. The lime at times reminds me of lime chewits, which I love, so this is a good thing. Overall this is a refreshing and cold vape.


These juices literally ooze quality. The quality of the taste experience is second to none. It’s difficult these days to find a selection of juices and to like each one on their own merits but this is what we have here. I would not hesitate to recommend Lord Cogingtons in the future and you can be sure their link to the website will be forever listed in the recommended vendors page on this very site.

Thanks to Lord Cogingtons for getting these out to me, be sure to check them out.

Credit to TheVapemanPhotos for the image on the Cog Shots section. Check him out for some awesome product photography.

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