Introduction Dr Frost is a Malaysian eliquid manufacturer that originally launched with 4 flavours. Grape Ice, Strawberry Ice , Watermelon Ice and Orange & Mango Ice. There was also a Candycane flavour for Christmas. More recently they ventured into the milkshake flavours with Banana, Strawberry and Blue Raspberry Milkshake. Their latestRead More →

Introduction to Flavour Boss Flavour Boss or should I say the Award Winning Flavour Boss now! These guys have been around for a while now and are another company that I had reviewed a lot for before my Youtube videos were lost. Flavour Boss are a godsend for people thatRead More →

Alba Mist – Custard Donut – Review There’s two things I love in e-liquids, custard and donuts. Similarly there are two types of liquid that Caledonian Vapes produce very well, custards and donuts. So this review combines the two and we get custard donut. The scent from the bottle isRead More →