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Sugar Pie Vapes

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“Sugar Pie Vapes e-liquids are inspired by the great bakery flavours of New York City, everything from good old-fashioned homemade apple pie to metropolitan caramel latte, Sugar Pie Vapes will transport you to the Big Apple from the comfort of your living room

All the flavours in the Sugar Pie Vapes range are crafted in the UK using the best ingredients to ensure fantastic flavour. They’re all compliant with TPD regulations too!”


I was contacted by Sugar Pie Vapes on Instagram to see if I would be interested in trying their selection of eliquids. This is a company that I wanted to try at VaperExpo in Birmingham but ran out of time and energy before I had the chance.

This is a line that particularly interests me as the entire line is of a bakery inspired theme. As the website quote above says these are all made in the UK and are available in both 10ml bottles for £4.99 and also 50ml shortfill bottles priced at £14.99. In addition to this you can also purchase a 5x 10ml taster pack for just £15. A great opportunity to try the entire line with a decent saving on the normal prices.

Purchase directly from Tablites by using the link here.

Check out the Sugar Pie Vapes site here.

All of the juices I am about to review are mixed to a ratio of 70VG/30PG all of the liquids have been tested on the Godria Bolt RDA.

Sugar Pie Vapes – Sweet Apple Pie

It was a tough decision as to which liquid to try first. Being a new company to me I opted to play it safe and go for something familiar. This was the Sweet Apple Pie liquid. Twisting off the cap I was met with the recognisable smell of sweet apples. Very pleasent and smelt authentic.

First off with the inhale, this was very pleasent. I get a nice mix of pie crust and a smooth sweet apple at the end.There is a hint of cinnamon here and I would say the perfect amount. The pie has an almost butter like taste to it which was a nice touch. The exhale brings out a lot more apple and a very subtle hint of raisin at the beginning before transforming into a mix of apples and creams. Under all of this lovlieness is the cinnamon again. Perfectly balanced and not trying to dominate which is exactly how it should be. This was a delicious exhale and one that led me to polishing off the 10ml bottle in no time at all ! !

In the words of Oliver Twist ” Please sir can I have some more ” ?

Sugar Pie Vapes – Lemon Cookie Dough

For this one I was a lot more confident with the quality of juices that I was trying so I opted for the Lemon Cookie Dough. The sniff test brought a nice smell of lemon. Not too much strong though which made me wonder how much lemon was going to be in this.

The inhale is predominantly lemon and a rather sharp lemon at that. It was pleasent though, theres a touch of a biscuit type flavour hanging under this but only ever so slightly. The exhale lets the cookie dough come into the taste and its a fairly weak doughy taste coupled with that sharp lemon. The sharpness does ease off though I think because the sweetness of the cookie dough tones it down.

It is a pleasent vape that is what it says it is. I would have liked to have had a little more of the cookie dough taste on the exhale by that I mean a little stronger. It is however still a very well made liquid and one I probably would buy again.

Sugar Pie Vapes – Coffee Caramel

I have not reviewed many coffee liquids previously so this is not my forte. Opening up for the sniff I can smell a distinctive coffee smell ( who would of guessed ) and it smelt rather nice. I do drink a fair amount of coffee during the course of the day but I am nowhere near a coffee connoisseur.

Inhale for me brings a tasty coffee, add in some creaminess here and it is lovely already. The exhale is much the same. The creams developed a lot more and the sweetness of the caramel balances this juice out really well. The aftertaste leaves your mouth tasting a lingering coffee taste long after. For me and as far as coffee liquids go this was really nice and I would buy this one in the future for sure.

Sugar Pie Vapes – Hazelnut Cookie

This I was dubious of given the cookie dough in the lemon cookie dough liquid. Upon opening I could instantly smell the hazelnut. This was mouthwatering, hazelnut has to be my favourite type of nut.

First the inhale was a gorgeous hazelnut, probably one of the better hazelnuts I have had in my time vaping and a pleasent cookie coming in at the end. The exhale the cookie dramatically comes out even more, mixed in with this is a subtle marshmellow adding a lovely touch of sweetness to the liquid. This comes very close to pipping the apple pie to being my favourite of the line so far. Sugar Pie Vapes have nailed this one ! The cookie was a lot more prominant in this one which was a big plus in its favour.

Sugar Pie Vapes – Maple Nut Brittle

Last juice of the line here this time I am trying Maple Nut Brittle. Smelling this I am getting a nutty smell and a little of something else not sure what but i’ll roll with it

Inhale is a nice balance of nuts initially, this is followed by a stunning maple syrup. Now I love maple syrup on pancakes and I am getting that distinctive maple syrup right here. Almost as though it is completely covering the nuts. The exhale brings these flavours to life a lot more and I even found myself cranking up the power a little to give an extra kick here. It is a lovely smooth juice and rich in flavour. The after taste is beautiful and this did not last long.

It doesnt beat the apple pie for me but it is a very close second !

Final Thoughts.

Overall this is a very good line with a few flavours I would go back to. The only disappointment for me was the lemon cookie dough, it just was not giving that cookie dough flavour up easily. But the rest are very impressive.

I would recommend you guys trying, use the links at the top of the review to purchase. If you are into these kind of flavours I think you will enjoy.



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