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Vivdvapes – Lemon Curd Meringue Pie – Review

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T’s Lemon Curd Meringue Pie

Another work of art comes in for review from Tony at this time following on from the gorgeous T’s Custard line.Tony has a great selection of liquids that he has skillfully blended and brought into the market. Initially we have seen a wonderful custard line full of creamy goodness and flavour. Now comes T’s Lemon Curd Meringue Pie, another dessert vape and another that should suit me perfectly.

There are so many variations of Lemon Pie, Lemon Tart, Lemon Cake out there most trying to replicate the success of Dinner Ladies lemon tart and not many seem to be able to do so. For the most part most of them emphaisse the Lemon far too much. I must make it clear at this point that Tony is not trying to come up with just another Lemon Tart or to ride along on the success of Dinner Ladies creation.

Lets take a look

Lemon Curd Meringue Pie comes as a 50ml shortfill bottle with nicotine shots available to buy separately. You will need these if you wish to vape with nicotine. Without them, you have a 0mg liquid. With all of Tony’s liquids, you have a few options. Firstly you can vape as is, 50ml 0mg with a stronger flavour. All bottles have their concentrates boosted so that no dilution occurs when adding in VG or nicotine shots. Second, you can add a 10ml 18mg nicotine shot to give you a 60ml 3mg liquid. Finally, you could just add 10ml of plain VG to enjoy a 60ml 0mg juice. Whichever you choose is your personal choice.

All of Tony’s liquids come in chubby unicorn bottles. The branding and labelling are second to none and the artwork is spot on. A very professionally designed liquid. Whether you are on the custard line or the latest liquids there is no cutting corners or costs in this area.

Getting my vape on

So for the purpose of testing this, I am vaping this on the Smoant Battlestar RDA with a single coil build. This should give good flavour as I have really been enjoying this RDA recently.

Opening up the bottle you can immediately pick out the Lemon and some slight Meringue tones. All good here things smell as they should so the vape should be good at a minimum. So lets vape! The inhale gives you a nice citrus lemon and lovely sweet meringue. The Lemon is not too sharp here. The fact you can taste the meringue is a major plus as for me I love the taste of a good meringue and it is probably something many overlook when making this kind of liquid. The lemon does not rule here until the later stage of inhaling when you can really taste a lemon curde taste which is absolutely bang on tastewise. Exhaling brings even better things, immediately you can taste the pie crust which tones down the sweetness of the meringue. The pie crust itself is really nice, biscuity almost and some slight buttery notes. All in all this is a lovely liquid.


As with all of Tony’s liquids I have really enjoyed this. I am known for my sweet tooth so these hit my own needs in terms of that. Value is exceptionally priced at just £14 ( nicotine shots extra ). The flavour has been absolutely nailed here, not too sweet but packed with just enough to satisfy me. Not overpacking with sweetness means it is very coil friendly too. If you are looking to purchase then I definitely recommend you try this.

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