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Wise Guys Juice – The Review

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I recently had the pleasure of being contacted through Instagram by Wise Guys a new company to me from London, UK. This ultra friendly chat quickly lead to the offer of a chance to review their line and I happily obliged to do this for them after a quick look at their line.

Admittedly I have been getting picky with liquids recently as there does not seem to be much in the way of innovative flavour profiles. Don’t get me wrong there are still great flavours being produced out there but there really is only so many times you can try a strawberry milkshake, vanilla custard and blue slush. These flavours have been done over and over, I like to look for something a little different.

Wise Guys offers 6 flavours, with varying flavours that stood out from being a little out of the norm and with interesting profiles. I will get into those flavours in a moment. The branding of their site is spot on and in keeping with their labelling. I must say I love the style of the labels and the liquid names even more so.

Today I will be looking at; Donna Bacchi, Little Jimmy, Uncle Vinny, Al Dragone, Don Bacchi and The Consigliere all of these are available from the Wise Guys website. Packaged in 50ml shortfills, there is enough space for a nicotine shot should that take your fancy. Pricing is a very reasonable £13.99 so not the cheapest per ml, but by no means the most expensive either even after factoring in nicotine shots.

The Flavours

Donna Bacchi

Aromatic red tobacco with a hint of sweetish vanilla – the ultimate choice for the lovers of smooth tobacco vape

Wise Guys

Tobacco flavours do not appeal to me in the slightest. They are generally fake tasting and remind me nothing of obacco in the slightest. I struggled to quit smoking and to be honest the last thing I want to do is be reminded of it. That said for me to even want to look at a tobacco flavour there really needs to be something different about it, rather than a plain poorly crafted single flavour mix. What you get with Donna Bacchi is a very well blended tobacco flavour which is rich in flavour and provides a strong tobacco taste from the onset. Throughout the exhale you get some very welcome notes of vanilla, almost subtle at times but they linger throughout the entirity of the exhale. As much as I avoid tobacco flavours this is one that I found myself creeping back to time and time again. Top notch stuff Wise Guys!

Don Bacchi

A rich and smoky blend of brightleaf and burley with a hint of dark tobacco, designed to sate the strongest cravings

Wise Guys

With the Donna Bacchi being such a great flavour, I thought it only right to carry on with the next tobacco flavour. This one, Don Bacchi smells very authentic from the bottle. Much stronger smelling than Donna Bacchi. The flavour from this one really didn’t hit the spot for me but this is not in the slightest me putting the juice down at all. For me this was an incredibly authentic tobacco flavour but it was just too strong. I paid it forward and passed it on to a colleague at work who is really enjoying it. I’d recommend this for the tobacco connoisseurs out there, I truely believe they will love it!

Al Dragone

An exotic cooler created from dragon fruit and watermelon that will excite your senses and leave you with a lingering sensation

Wise Guys

Dragon fruit and watermelon, I haven’t had a mix like that in a long time and it has been a while since I have had a decent dragon fruit flavour too. You get a lovely mix of dragon fruit with a soft watermelon notes on the inhale and much more of an experience on the exhale. The sweetness of the dragon fruit comes out really well and the same can be said for the watermelon. I normally find watermelon can spoil liquids if there is too much in the mix but this is perfectly balanced. There is a cool element to the liquid but this only gives a mildly refreshing type of cool rather than that full on icy brainfreeze experience. Beautiful is the only word to describe Al Dragone!

Uncle Vinny

An irresistible combination of passionfruit and mango complimented by a touch of lemon and undertones of burbon

Wise Guys

I wanted unique and innovative flavours ( if you can describe them as innovative ) and I got it with Uncle Vinny. This was the flavour of all flavours when I was reading the description and this juice before agreeing the review. It was clear that Wise Guys have clearly been very wise ( excuse the pun ) at thinking outside of the box when it comes to flavour profiles. Does it work?… YES it does! The smell immediately from the bottle is a very distinctive mango. I am really starting to get into mango flavours, I never used to like them! The inhale is predominantly passionfruits and mango, perhaps a tiny hint of citrus at the end, I couldn’t be sure. The exhale is where the magic happens. The exotic mix is interupted by sublime notes of bourbon, a true end of the day, relax in front of the TV with a coffee and some Uncle Vinny. The exhale continues to treat with lemon notes creeping in and out like waves with the fresh mango’s and passionfruit holding their own all the way through. This is both refreshing and enjoyable and by far the best of the line so far!

Uncle Jimmy

A delightfully refreshing combination of cantaloupe melon and green mango crafted to please your taste buds

Wise Guys

Uncle Jimmy for me is a tricky one, I do not like cantaloupe melon at all, I normally find it ruins everything it touches and is a lingering flavour that is a bugger to clean from a tank. This is the reason I left it so late on to review. What we get here is a fresh and full flavoured blend of melon and mango. The mango really tones down the notes of the melon and suprisingly made it pleasently enjoyable and rather suprising. I found that I could happily vape it throughout the day but would switch to something else in the evening. I really was determined not to let the cantaloupe win me over, but I guess in a way it kind of has. Definitely not a flavour I would pick out had I not of tried it but I am glad that I have gotten to try and have it proven that not all cantaloupe mixes are bad!!

The Consigliere

A seamless mix of juicy pomegranate and fresh Sicilian lemon with a gentle cooling sensation to wake up your senses

Wise Guys

Last but by no means least because I truely believe big things are coming for this company and it won’t be the last you hear from me on these guys (hopefully ). The Consigliere is another of those flavour profiles that you just do not see everyday, in fact I cannot remember another flavour like this. Almost… and I mean almost did this become the favourite flavour of the line. Fresh pomegranate and zingy lemon tease your tastebuds. The fresh but gentle cooling makes this a dream to vape. You can experience all of the flavours in their entirity and nothing is fighting for overall domination in term of taste. These flavours blend together very well and marry well together with the cooling exhale.

Wise Guys has really impressed with all of their liquids. Proving that companies really can think outside of the box and bring out flavours that are different from the normal flavours out there. I am so impressed with every aspect of these liquids from the branding to the overal quality of the liquids. Top marks for a top company. Don’t just take my word for it, hit them up and give them a try folks!

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