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About me – my journey and the future.

Hi everyone, I am sure those of you visiting in the early days will at some point have spoken to me or seen my reviews on my Youtube channel. For those that don’t, read on. I am 37 years old, originally from Ipswich in the UK now living in a village in Essex. I started vaping about 3 years ago as a means to quit smoking. Having tried almost everything I could to stop and having 0 willpower I came across vaping. This was almost by accident after a mishap with a new pouch of Tobacco I vowed never to smoke again and pulled out an ego ecig and my journey began. I was mostly surprised in the beginning that this calmed my urges to smoke. I was not however convinced that it would be a long term thing, in fact I struggled to grasp the idea that this was my replacement and I probably battled with this for a few days until my brain engaged that I was not a smoker anymore. I did not know at the time that I had infact become a vaper though ! I did really enjoy it, I was vaping liquids from the corner shop near to me and enjoying the flavours I had tried ( although now they are nasty tasting ).

On a visit into Southend which is local to me I came across Vape and Juice and went inside. No clue what I wanted really but I wanted to try everything. At the time this was not an option there were no samples so it was a case of figuring out the kind of things I liked and going from there. Next up I started to look around online, still I had no clue what I wanted or needed. I started buying liquid, tanks and mods that I thought I should have and to be honest I wasted a whole lot of money buying stuff that was not suitable or was not nice.

So fast forwarding on a few months, I set up an Instagram account ( as a means to keep an eye on the kids mainly ) and started posting funny vape pictures that I had found and pictures of stuff I had brought. I then started coming across other people that vaped, but hang on their clouds were insane ! ! From that moment I was hooked, I wanted bigger and better clouds. It was around this time that I started researching a little better into products and juices and found that actually this was a massive community of people. Not a hobby club more of a case of a community supporting each other on their journey. Bare in mind all these people originally started vaping, not because it was cool, but to quit cigarettes. I found reviewers on Youtube such as Steve Nichols  and Vaping With Vic and many many more that I started to take note of the things they were recommending ( or not ). From this point my money was invested in things that actually I enjoyed and did not become a waste of money. I realised now that I was not alone, that out there in the big wide world there were many others starting their journey to become smoke free. I did not want these people wasting money on stuff that was not suitable for them, on products that were of poor quality or spending with companies that only want your money.

Instagram became a massive part in the beginning of helping others. My pictures attracted attention of other people, and people started to ask me for advice and to see them coming back happy with the things I had recommended them to try was a great feeling. If even 1 person benefited from this I was happy. It was many more than this and soon companies were asking for their products to go on my page I agreed and things snowballed from there. This snowball effect led me to Twitter where I could communicate with other people vaping and even those people who’s reviews I started watching in the first place and I consider these to be friends for life. Twitter led to Youtube, from Youtube this site was born. I have worked with some fantastic companies in the past and hope to continue in the future. 

One thing I learn’t on this journey is that there is no room for egos.  My mods are not better than everyone elses ( they all keep us from smoking right ) I am never going to be the next big reviewer. I am just Jay, I vape and I like to help others. This is not a job, this for me is helping others whether starting out or long term vapers and every review I remember I am in a fortunate position in the industry. 

This website was born and sat stagnent, I had no idea what I really wanted to achieve from it. However back at the tailend of 2017 our family suffered some bad times, testing times and times that just landed up needing my attention and care for the foreseeable. Coupled with the hectic work life I lead, the struggle to maintain the channel led me back to this site. A written post in comparison to a full video takes far less time. I can start and stop when I get a spare few moments and keep the content up to date. At the same time getting my own head straight and making time for those that matter in my life. This is not a bowing out of the community, or quitting reviewing or anything like that. Family will always come first along with my own well being. 

So whats for the future ? Well for the moment this site will contain all my reviews and once the time is right my Youtube will be updated and will pick right up where I left it. I have met some fantastic people along the way and long will this continue. Not a day goes by where I am bored of what I do. There is never a day with out a DM asking for advice and the moment this does not become fun or I stop making a difference is that day I will quit. One thing is for sure the next few months will be certainly testing but I will bounce back to my normal self in due course. 

Thank you to every single person that has ever shown an ounce of support to me, I am in debt to each and every one of you. 


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