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Brews Bros – Applack – Review

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Brews Bros – Applack – Review

First things first if you are new to Brews Bros, check out my previous post with all of the information about them right here.

Today I am going to be starting working my way through the reviews. I won’t be doing them in any particular order. Literally as I pick them out. First up I am going to be trying out Applack.

Applack is described as an Apple and Blackcurrant liquid inspired by the squash of the same flavour. The smell coming from the bottle is predominantly a mix from both. Sometimes apple and sometimes more blackcurrant. But its the taste that’s the important thing here. The inhale is dominated by fresh apples. A nice clean taste here with no chemical sharpness like in some apple based flavours the blackcurrant starts to come in quite nicely and then it is time to exhale. The exhale brings the blackcurrant out a fair bit more. It is really nice to vape. The apple underneath this comes and goes almost in waves as you slowly exhale. I get a mix of green apples and almost like the sweetness of a red apple. Some nice sharp notes from the blackcurrant occasionally kick in.  What I like is that despite the lower costs here there are no cutting corners in terms of flavours. This is a very pleasant liquid and one I have thoroughly enjoyed.

I read on the site that 8 different concentrates when into this. Not a simple flavour by any standard.

This does remind me of the squash although it is not intended to be like that.

The only other apple and blackcurrant I can compare with is one by Riot Squad… Simply put, Brews Bros kick ass!

To purchase visit The Brews Bros – 10% off juice by using VAPINGWITHJAY at checkout.

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