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Brews Bros – Cereal Killer – Review

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Brews Bros – Cereal Killer – Review

First things first if you are new to Brews Bros, check out my previous post with all of the information about them right here.

This is my second review for Brews Bros and up this time is Cereal Killer. Now I do like a good cereal eliquid, it was not always this way as I might have mentioned in other reviews. The thought of vaping cereal flavours was never appealing and I could not understand why people did. I was mistakenly sent one and thought to hell with it lets try it and I have never looked back!

Cereal killer from the off smells like a typical fruity loops kind of flavour. There are so many awful variations of that where the flavour is just added in such high amounts that it becomes very potent and too over the top so I was keen to see how Brews Bros get on. The flavour from the inhale is very much that familierĀ fruit loops flavour. Nice fruity notes riding throughout. The exhale brings out more of the plain cereal flavour mixed with those fruits. Compared to others this is incredibly smooth. Continuing the exhale brings out a small amount of milky creams just to finish this liquid off. This is a nice, smooth liquid. The balance of sweetness with the fruit flavours is spot on. The creams add the perfect finish to the liquid.

This one I will be going back for more of at some point in one of the Brews Shot bottles.

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