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Brews Bros – Custard Dynasty Review

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Brews Bros – Custard Dynasty – Review

First things first if you are new to Brews Bros, check out my previous post with all of the information about them right here.

Right, I was going to save this one until last to review. As they say, save the best till last! Trouble is I could not keep away from the bottle long enough to allow that to happen so I have had to chuck this one in now! Still, a few more reviews to come for Brews Bros but this time I am sharing my thoughts on custard dynasty.

Opening my 10ml bottle to take a sniff when these first arrived there was a strong custard smell coming out. That was a sign of things to come if the smell from these juices smelt that good then the taste had to be good right? So let me tell you more. The inhale, wow! Instantly you get a hit of smooth creamy mega custard. I say mega custard its like a double dose of custard and very very creamy and full of flavour. This is great just off that inhale alone! The exhale, I took this slow to get every last bit of enjoyment out of this. You start to get a buttery biscuit flavour coming in that builds and builds into a pretty strong biscuit taste. As you continue through the biscuit becomes covered by that custard and then some sweet notes. It took me a few attempts to gauge that these sweet notes were in fact caramel but they work incredibly well with the custard flavour and I find that they just sweeten the juice up just enough. I find sometimes custards to lack that custard sweetness at times so the caramel prevents that here.

Overall custard dynasty is stunning! It is easy to see why it is one of their best sellers. Since I agreed to the review so many people told me just how good the custard is and I have to agree.

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Brews Shot


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