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Brews Bros – Donut Blues – Review

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Brews Bros – Donut Blues – Review

First things first if you are new to Brews Bros, check out my previous post with all of the information about them right here.

Out of the box next comes Donut Blues a feeling of happiness overcomes me with this one I had been looking forward to trying this out and did not want to be biased in the order I reviewed from most likely to be a favourite to the least appealing. IF that was the case then Donut Blues would be one of the first two to try for me personally.

Smelling the bottle gives that distinctive bakery smell of doughnuts and a fruity hint to it as well. Inhale, gives one of the best doughnut tastes I have tried in a long time. Much like the doughnut in T’s Bludo liquid. At the end of the inhale some fruit notes of the blueberry start to come through. Exhaling,the mixture of sweet and sharp notes to the blueberry is very well balanced and resembles a blueberry jam filling in the middle before the sweet and fresh donut comes back in again. There’s a sweetness right at the end that is almost like a sugar coating

Donut flavours for me are tricky to get right and balanced when its anything more than a simple glazed doughnut flavour. Brews Bros have nailed this flavour and again this will be one I go back to them for in Brews Shot form. ADV for me!

Check out their website to purchase, remember VAPINGWITHJAY saves 10% on all juice purchases.

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