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Brews Bros – Iced Tropicade – Review

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Brews Bros – Iced Tropicade – Review

First things first if you are new to Brews Bros, check out my previous post with all of the information about them right here.

Cold flavours and I do not normally go well. That was always the case until I tried the Iced OJ. Iced OJ was exceptionally cold but not in the way that would normally ruin the flavour of the juice because your breath had been taken away. I really wanted to write the Custard Dynasty review instead of this one but I am holding that back for the moment. The reason being is after the custard I tried the Iced Tropicade and felt this needed sharing with you first.

Opening the bottle the immediate smell reminds me of lilt, lots of tropical vibes here. On the way in you are almost immediately met with that same Icey blast as Iced OJ, if you have not tried it, its bloody cold. With the coolness you get some of the tropical fruits coming through, particularly mangos. Breathing out on the exhale brings more fruits, some sharp citrus notes are definitely there. These are not dominant enough to dominate the exhale though which I like. There is also a hint of pineapple and I am sure some papaya too. Coming in midway through is a very nice coconut flavour this blends in very well and does not leave that suntan lotion taste in your mouth!!

And then….

Something I do not normally do on a review but curiosity got the better of me this time. I dripped one coil with ICED OJ and the other with Iced Tropicade and got an Iced OJ Tropicade! absolutely blinding! Seriously you must try this!

Overall Iced Tropicade took my breath away, its not only breathtakingly cold but also breathtaking in flavour. Lots of strong flavours that really set your tastebuds off and lots of different sensations too. Absolutely loving this juice.

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