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Brews Bros – Pre-Review

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The Brews Bros

This page is intended to give you all the information regarding the Brews Bros before I go into the reviews.

Family made E-Liquid Concentrates

The Brews Bros are Jake and Liam Addison. Both the brothers and the business were born in the coastal county of Lincolnshire where family loyalty, pride and determination are the mainstays of people’s characters. The boys are no exception and the Brews Bros ethos is based on quality, locally made products at affordable prices.

At first glance on social media, the Brews Bros look like just another bottle shot company don’t be fooled though this is is a one-stop shop ( their words not mine ) for all your vaping needs. Everything from bottles through to PG / VG you can find it here.

The interest for me was sparked from seeing people posting up shots of their large bottles ready to steep away I am a big fan of these products as they give excellent value for money and if made correctly by both the company and the end user a great tasting eliquid at the end. I have recently been working my way through Flavour Boss reviews and they recommended me to Jake and Liam for a review of their line.

The main product lines I will go through below.

Brews Shots

Prices here range from £5.49 up to £17.00 and this is where you will find your Brews shots. These are the products you need if you are looking for 250ml or 500ml of the Brews Bros liquids. Contained within the bottle size of your choice you will find the required amount of concentrates ready for you to add in your own PG / VG and Nicotine. Leave to steep for the appropriate amount of time and vape away. Pricing on these is very competive and even after adding in the cost of VG  / PG the cost per ml vs premium liquids is much cheaper.

Link to Brews Shots


Want to get straight in and try the liquids without worrying about steeping and mixing do not fear Brews Bros have your back here. The entire Brews Shots range is available in shortfill bottles and the only thing you need to do is add in your nicotine shot ( or plain VG ), shake and vape away. These are a great entry into the world of Brews Bros as they allow you to try out liquids that take your fancy without the outlay on a Brews shot and ingredients. Plenty of time for that later!

Pricing is simple £8.49 for a 60ml shortfill ( 50ml of liquid )

Link to shortfills

Sample Pack

Priced at £15.00 this is for those that really cannot make their mind up and want the whole range. All 10 flavours are included in 0mg for you to get an idea of the finished flavours available. Then you can move up to a shortfill or the whole way to a Brews Shot.

Link to sample pack – at the time of writing this was currently unavailable but will ne returning at some point in the future.

Bundle Packs

Various shortfill bundles are available to give a bulk buy discount vs normal prices. Priced at £36.99 for the 5 pack and £72.99 for the 10 pack. Another way to stock up on that favourite flavour or to try a few new ones.

Starter Kit

The ultimate starter kit, priced from £45, you will receive everything that you require to get on the way with your Brews Shot journey. A step by step process guides you through from choosing your flavours, buying PG and VG and finally your nicotine shots. A nice touch and something different! Size options are available for 250ml shots or 500ml shots.


Coming up over the next few days I will be posting up the reviews of each of the flavours you can get from Brews Bros and letting you know my thoughts on each. Of course, taste is subjective so these will be my opinions.

As a special incentive to you if you do purchase you can use the code VAPINGWITHJAY to save 10% off all juice purchases.


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