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Bryn’s Special Sauce – Sour Lime Sorbet – JAC Vapour

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Bryn's Special Sauce Short Fills Only £12.99

Welcome to another review and this time around I am going to be letting you know my thoughts on one of JAC Vapours eliquids. I was contacted through Instagram to see if I would be happy to review this and I gladly accepted. JAC Vapour has a great reputation in the industry in terms of the hardware they manufacture so I was interested to see how their liquids faired up.

Produced in Edinburgh, Scotland. The Bryns Special Sauce line is fully TPD compliant and comes in a 3 x 10ml multipack. Priced at £14.99 this fits in with the general pricing for similar products. Before I head into the review I pulled this off of JAC Vapour’s website:

Bryn’s Special Sauce is a new range of delectable e-juices, hand-crafted by the master chef himself.

Already known locally for his homemade e-juices, Bryn turned his attention to creating a proper gourmet range of unique, potent Special Sauces to delight and satisfy those vapers with a discerning palate. Bryn’s Special Sauce e-liquids are complex and surprising, but it isn’t all about the flavour.

These vape juices use the finest ingredients available to create something truly special and the high VG ratio (80/20 VG/PG) ensures that every inhale is delightfully smooth with thick clouds of vapour.

We hope you enjoy tasting Bryn’s Special Sauce as much as we do.

After hearing the flavour profile from them and reading that statement from JAC Vapour I was eager to try this out. As you will know, I am a big fan of bakery flavours, creamy flavours and custards. The liquid I was sent was so far from any of these flavour profiles! However, as a reviewer, I like to keep an open mind and will merit the liquid on the quality of its flavour.

Sour Lime Sorbet – Review – Bryn’s Special Sauce

Sour lime sorbet is the flavour that I was sent, one of four of the available flavours. The sour lime sorbet is the newest addition to Bryn’s line. Mixed to a ratio of 80VG/20PG we can be assured of great cloud production which will keep you cloudchasers happy!

I opted to test this in the Avidvape Ghost Inhale RTA, this is a single coil tank that I am assured gives immense flavour. A review of this tank will be posted in the next couple of weeks. So new juice, new tank, single coil build and we are ready.A quick sniff and I am reminded instantly of something along the lines of a lime chewitt sweet. I am expecting more than this though!

The inhale, I started off at 45w and must admit I wimped out! This is an icy cold inhale was a tad too much for me at this early start so I turned down to 32w and started again. That icy hit on the inhale is certainly a punchy one smacking you in the back of the throat before it down your windpipe. There’s a noticeable element of lime here but my mind was preoccupied with the coldness! But you can almost feel the sour notes teasing the tastebuds at the end of your inhale.

The exhale, wow, the lime is doing all of the hard work now and produces some really sharp, sour lime notes. Now in terms of lime flavours, this has to be in my top 3, probably a very close second. It is definitely an interesting vape and one I would find myself using both as an enjoyable daytime vape and as a palette cleanser as it really livens your taste buds up! I must add that once I was used to the coolness I did indeed go back up to 45w and this was a really nice experience.

For those of you interested in checking these out and purchasing you can do so by visiting this link which will take you to the JAC Vapour website.

I would like to thank JAC Vapour for thinking of me for the review and thank you for the chance to try this fantastic liquid.

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