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Alba Mist – Caledonian Vapes

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Alba Mist – Caledonian Vapes

Alba Mist is the line from Caledonian Vapes. Caledonian Vapes is one of the first companies that I reviewed for over on Youtube and this has become a long term company to work with for their reviews. David the owner of Caledonian Vapes has become a good friend and is always around for me to bend his ear or to have a good laugh with. When my channel disappeared over night I vowed to write all of my reviews but wanted to revisit some of the juices I have tried since starting review. Alba Mist is one of those lines that I am going to work through over time. I think at last count from their site there are roughly 22 reviews to come. So if there is a liquid listed on the site there is a good chance I may have tried it. Be sure to give me a shout for opinions.

Caledonian Vapes are based out of the Isle of Man and pride themselves on making good quality affordable liquids.

The journey started in Scotland but now we produce our fantastic artisan liquids in the Isle of Man which is not part of the UK or EU and as such is not subject to TPD or associated regulations.

Our Alba Mist eliquid is crafted in small batches with the finest ingredients.

Steeped and ready to vape, these are very limited production runs.

No fancy labels, no fancy price tags, just quality liquid anyone can afford

The above is taken straight from their website.

Prices start at £10 for 100ml of liquid, special offers appear from time to time reducing this price.

Discount Code for 10% off is POLECAT

The website is available at this link

All reviews will be straight reviews linking back to this post for further information on Caledonian Vapes.


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