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Caledonian Vapes- Alba Mist – Custard Donut

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Alba Mist – Custard Donut – Review

There’s two things I love in e-liquids, custard and donuts. Similarly there are two types of liquid that Caledonian Vapes produce very well, custards and donuts. So this review combines the two and we get custard donut.

The scent from the bottle is David’s distinctive custard that fills the air when taking a sniff. The inhale is a beautiful smooth custard and a slight vanilla taste to it. Exhale brings the donut into the picture whilst not the dominant flavour it is incredibly nice. The donut┬átaste is close to that of a real donut and you are left wanting more straight away. The custard follows all the way through on the exhale mixing really well with those donut tones. The custard is super smooth and very creamy just as it should be.

The two bases in these donut and custard mixes steep for months on end so the end result is something amazing. I will be bringing more custard and donut reviews to you from Caledonian Vapes in the very near future.

Until then you can purchase from the product page here.

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