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Caledonian Vapes – Black Prince

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Time for another review for Caledonian Vapes as part of their Alba Mist line. You can find more information on them including a special discount code right here.

Today I am going to be looking at Black Prince which is one of the more popular liquids from the range. I had this liquid previously and reviewed it on Youtube. The flavour profile is like a Black Astaire with a subtle kick.

Going by the smell this is not a liquid I would usually opt for you get a strong smell of aniseed and I do not particularly like aniseed normally. You also get notes of blackcurrant mixed in which is where the Black Astaire profile comes in. The blackcurrant comes across slightly less than the aniseed, however.

The inhale is predominantly blackcurrant which surprised me as I was expecting more of the aniseed. This quietly creeps in towards the end of the inhale. The exhale is a stronger mixture of the blackcurrant and aniseed. The aniseed certainly playing a larger part here but is in no way overpowering like the smell would have you believe it to be. From time to time I get notes of something else in the background I cannot quite tell what it is and maybe my mind is playing tricks but there is something else fruity in the background going on!

All in all, this is a nice vape, despite not being what I would normally go for in a flavour profile this is pleasantly enjoyable. Super smooth, lovely thick clouds and full on flavour! Most importantly there are no additional sweeteners added to the liquids so these are super friendly on your coils. For more info and to purchase check out the link below.

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