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Caledonian Vapes – Cherrylicious Review

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For all information on Caledonian Vapes check this post out first if you are new to this company.

Time for another review for David from Caledonian Vapes, A long time supporter of my reviews, fellow vaper and most importantly a good friend.


Let’s go with this one, this is the first of a few upcoming reviews that I have for David. Cherrylicious is the second liquid I tried out of the latest batch of liquids to be sent through but I wanted to get it out there first as I do believe there are many of you that will enjoy this one!

I was told that this was a Cherry Bubblegum type of flavour, I was not sure what to expect in terms of flavour as many bubble gum flavours tend to be a little over the top in terms of flavouring and while starting off nice, I grow tired of them quickly, much like the real stuff.

What I am getting from Cherrylicious, well firstly from the bottle is a very strong cherry smell, authentic and not some fake chemical cherry. I also get a whiff of bubblegum, not too strong though. It smells almost like cherry pop.

With the smell test out of the way let’s get straight into tasting. I am testing this on the Steamcrave Supreme V2 RDTA which I have just purchased. The inhale as I expected from the smell is all about the cherry, full on cherry here and it is incredibly satsifying and a true red cherry flavour. Following this the exhale brings about more of the same cherry but it is here that the bubblegum starts to come alive. What you get with the bubblegum is not the full on bubblegum taste that you might expect. I liken this to a bubble gum like the screwball at the bottom of a screwball ice cream. The flavour is there perfectly and is spot on. It works very well with the cherry to produce a well rounded, perfectly balanced liquid and definitely one for you all to try.

For more information and to purchase visit this link.

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