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Caledonian Vapes – Lemon Drizzle – Alba Mist

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Caledonian Vapes – Alba Mist

For all company information check this post out first if you are new to this company.

Caledonian Vapes – Lemon Drizzle – Alba Mist

Lemon drizzle, Mmmm! This came about and I am not taking credit for anything other than asking if it was possible. I was going through a phase of Lemon Cake type liquids and pretty much that was all I was vaping for a while. I asked David if he thought he could make it ( I would not ask that now I know anything is possible ) and he set to work making his take on a Lemon Drizzle cake.

The smell from the bottle is, of course, a citrus lemon smell and I was all over this getting it in the tank and ready to go. The inhale is a rich fluffy cake taste mixed with some of that lemon I get from the smell. The exhale, wow! the lemon just explodes in your mouth, lots of citrus, sharp tones that you would expect to get from a lemon. As you make your way towards the end of the exhale elements of sweetness start to come out almost exactly like a sugar icing on top of the cake.


This review is based upon the initial batch of Lemon drizzle cake but at the time of writing, I saw this statement on the site.

Back due to popular demand, reformulated due to 2 of the main ingredients of the original recipe going out of production 🙁

Why why why, sad times, but does the new blend make a difference. Only one way to find out watch this space when it comes back into stock!

Try it out for yourself right here. Discount code : BADGER saves 10%


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