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Dr Vapes – Dat Blue Stuff

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Dr Vapes – Dat Blue Stuff

Dr Vapes is a company to watch out for. I first encountered these guys at VapeJam in April 2017 and was fortunate to take away 3 out of the 4 of their line. Video reviews can be found on my youtube channel but for those that like a read I thought I would include these reviews on my site.

Dat Blue Stuff is a stand out juice on this line and was infact the one flavour of the line that I was most eager to try. Was it the blueness that appealed or the feedback I was reading online ? I’m not so sure. I was never a big fan of fruit based liquids so it certainly was not the flavour that drew me in… However, this stuff is phenomenal and is ranked up there with my all time favourite liquids. Selling in 62ml ( yes thats right ) shortfills the optional nicshot takes it up to 72ml ( again not a typo ) odd sizing but I am certainly all in favour of extra Dat Blue Stuff. The liquid is a 78VG juice this is where the oddness stops and the awesomeness begins. Dat Blue Stuff is a stunning Raspberry Slush, without the coldness. This for me is one of the most unique flavours that I have tried. It is a definite all day, day after day vape that does not grow tiresome or lose it’s appeal.

Pricing is a respectable £19.99 from ( online or instore ) and includes an optional nic shot at no extra cost.


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