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DripX – Coolcumber – Review

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Drip X – Coolcumber Intro

Thanks for stopping by for the latest review. Today I am going to be looking at a relatively new company in the UK. Following a successful launch at the Vaperexpo in Birmingham back in October of 2017. Drip X are of course a UK company and their present line consists of just two flavours. Firstly Coolcumber which I am going to be letting you know my thoughts on today. Secondly and this review will follow shortly we have Hello Lemon.

The line as I said launched with two flavours. From trying both at expo these were two stand out liquids and left a lasting impression.

Let’s Get Vaping! 

So here we are with Coolcumber this and the Hello Lemon come as 100ml shortfills. That’s 100ml of flavour boosted liquid in a 120ml bottle. There’s 20ml of space to add a couple of nicotine shots if you so wish. Both liquids have a ratio of 70VG/30PG This is the description taken from their website

“Curious Coolcumber! Experience the refreshing taste of Coolcumber candy which your taste buds have never encountered before. This sophisticated blend of sweet, hard candy infused with a delicate touch of cucumber, served with crushed ice will leave your mouth water in an unforgettable, divine experience.”

Sounds exciting right! So on with the review. First things first I removed the drip cap to add in my nicotine shot ( I opted for 1 x 10ml shot and 10ml of VG ) I took the opportunity to have a sniff of the juice. The first smell you can instantly notice is the cucumber. Kind of obvious given the name but hey it’s definitely there. I cannot actually recall a liquid before where I have actually tasted cucumber so this is a first. Being a first I am rather looking forward to it, cucumber is not something that you immediately associate with eliquid flavours. However, I understand it may be used to sweeten slightly or add a mildly refreshing aftertaste in a liquid.

So starting with the inhale, lots of cool sensation here! Not Malaysian over the top cool but it certainly packs a punch. Probably to the degree that I would not normally like this kind of sensation. As you inhale you start to be able to pick out the cucumber notes that subtlely hide under that coolness. This is a koolada type cool rather than a minty cool

The exhale … Wow! The cucumber really comes alive here and gives an astonishing amount of flavour. Underneath but noticeable all the less I get a candy flavour running through. It is not as dominant as the cucumber though but adds a nice touch to the liquid.The coolness rides it out for the entire inhale and exhale. But the cucumber just really works well on its own. I do get some hints of a melon on the exhale but I am reliably informed there is no melon here. Just my crazy taste buds, but given melon and cucumber are from the same family this could be perhaps why small hints of that come through.


A well made and well-balanced liquids that is a must try. If you are considering this but not too sure. Throw caution to the wind and make that purchase.

Purchase from my recommended retailer No1ejuice by following this link. At the time of writing, pricing is just £12 for 100ml !!

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