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Hellvape – Dead Rabbit RDA

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This is my review of the dead rabbit RDA from Hellvape and Vaping Heathen. I was excited to receive this through the post having seen some of the reviews from popular reviewers on my subscription list on Youtube, as well as the knowledge that the dead rabbit has been designed by Vaping Heathen. This is someone that I have been subscribed too for a long time and a reviewer whose opinion and knowledge I admire. So without further ado lets start with whats in the box.

Inside The Box

The packaging of the dead rabbit is pretty cool, emblazoned with the Hellvape logo, a rather cute but unmistakably dead rabbit logo and Heathens logo. As far as designs go this would catch my eye. So under the lid is where we find the dead rabbit itself. I was sent this in gold which I would prefer to match with my stentorian squonk. Alongside the dead rabbit was the usual bag of spares and tools that you would expect to find. Full contents are as follows;

  •  Dead Rabbit RDA
  •  810 colorful resin Drip tip
  •  510 adapter
  •  Gold BF pin
  •  4x  Hex screws
  •  O-rings
  •  2x Hex screwdrivers

Up close and personal

As you see from the contents the inclusion of a BF pin means this is squonk compatible. This allows for the option to use on squonk mods or standard mods ( by using the standard pin ) For someone like me that is just getting into squonking, having won the stentorian mod in a local stores raffle this is excellent. I am personally finding something new about vaping that I am enjoying. From the top of the mod and working down, we have a nice resin 810 drip tip which in my case was purple with a small amount of blue. This is a matchy-matchy with my stenturian. I have never been one to go for matching products and colours but I am actually rather proud of how it looks. There is also a 510 adaptor should you wish to use a smaller drip tip.

Below the drip tip is the airflow control cap, knurling around this allows for straight forward airflow control. The airflow holes are a good size and diagonally angled in such a way that air is directed directly on to the coils. Another notable thing about the airflow pointing diagonally down is that it minimises leakage. Unless you are a seriously massive over dripper you should not find any leakage of juice coming from the airflow.

Next we have the main body, here we see the airflow holes at the top and the dead rabbit logo engraved into one side. This is not so visible in the gold as for example the black where the logo is engraved and stands out in silver. However despite this it still looks great.

Finally we get to have a look at the deck itself. For me it was immediately obvious where the dead rabbit partly got its name from. The deck looks similar to rabbit ears and this kind matches with the dead rabbit logo. Building was a breeze with 4 posts where coils can be loaded into the top. The included hex screws cnd be used instead of thepre-installedd flat head screws should you wish. Coils were installed with ease. The deck allows for long lengths of cotton that tuck nicely into a good sized well. Once the body is back on around the deck we are good to go.

Given the height of the coils and lack of bottom airflow the capacity of the juice well is even greater. Dual o-rings around the base prevent any juice from coming out of the bottom. I am a serial over dripper and this design allows me to drip till my hearts content!

This is a 24mm RDA. It sits nicely on all of my mods and looks great with it. Looking great is one thing though. The proof is in the vaping experience. Going by the number of pros I have found ( see below ). The dead rabbit will take some beating.

Flavour heaven ensues. The flavour from the dead rabbit is notable. I did find that whilst blowing in to the RDA before inhaling ( purging ) I was met with a face full of vapour due to the direction the airflow directs it. Not an issue really since I will vape by straight inhaling but it definitely hit me unexpectedly! Overall I am very impressed with the flavour I am getting from this. Another RDA that will feature heavily in future Youtube juice reviews.

Pros Vs Cons

First I will look at the pro’s and unsurprisingly there are plenty

  • Flavour is beautiful.
  • Build deck – This was a joy to build on, a breeze to wick and a great design. Single or Dual builds are possible.
  • Juice well – Dripping heaven
  • Drip tip – The best I have had with an RDA ever!
  • Airflow – Perfect for me, Some may find slightly restricted. Angle to prevent leakage and perfectly directs air to the coils.
  • Great eye candy
  • 9 different colour options – See the dead rabbit product page here.

Cons were much harder and I have really had to be picky here and personally could only find the one.

  • Don’t purge – or be prepared for a face full of vapour !


The dead rabbit is affordable and an incredibly well designed RDA. Heathen as we know demonstrates time after time that he knows his stuff when it comes to vaping. Product design is a new string to his bow. The design I feel is perfect and this is reflected in the quality of flavour along with the easy to build deck. Ample space for big coils. A juice well perfect for heavy dripping and squonking. Therefore, this really is one of those products that needs to go on every vapers list.

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