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Jac Vapour – Wee Vim – Pod Mod Review

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Wee Vim from Jac Vapour

At the beginning of the month, I received the latest pod mod from Jac Vapour. I have been trying my fair share of pod devices recently and thought I had found a favourite in the Mi-Pod. Will the Wee Vim change my mind. Read on to find out. Jac Vapour has long been considered a great UK company thanks to some of the previous mods that they have released into the market. The Wee Vim for me is my first experience of any of their hardware and until now I have only tried their liquids.

Unboxing the Wee Vim

The packaging to the Wee Vim actually makes it look like the mod itself is going to be much bigger. But what you get is nice sturdy packaging, cardboard outer sleeve and foam insert securely holding everything in place.

Within the foam insert, you will find the Wee Vim itself and a charging cable. In addition is perhaps one of the most comprehensive manuals for a mod of this type. That’s it, mod, no pods and a lead. I would have liked to have seen a pod in there for use with my own liquid but I was also sent the range of flavours for the Wee Vim device too so no big deal for me. It is worth noting though, you will need to purchase some pods in order to use your Wee Vim straight away. You can purchase the pods right here. I will go into more detail about these later in the article. If you want to use your own salt liquids then Jac Vapour have you covered with their Vim tank too.


Dimensions: 70mm (H) 21mm (W) 38mm (L)

Battery: 900mah

Direct Voltage

Bespoke Spring Connector

Charge Time 1-2hrs

Resistance >0.65ohm (MTL only)


Up close with the Wee Vim

At about the same size of a credit card, this is one pocket-friendly little mod. At first feel, it feels great to hold and is as light as a feather. Even when adding a pod the weight is barely impacted. Looking at the Wee Vim from the top and excluding the pod initially. You have a USB charge port at the top of the mod. You can use the Vim whilst it is charging too which is great!

Next to this is the pod chamber where your pod slides down into meeting two connecting pins that the bottom. In this chamber there is a cut out area so you can monitor the juice remaining in the pod itself. This also acts as an airflow entry point. On the opposite side, you will find the fire button which doubles as the power button. A standard five clicks turns the device on and off. Powering on and off is fast and almost instant. The button gives a nice click on depressing and releasing. In the middle of the fire button is a multicolour LED the colour changes to give a visual battery life indicator. The build quality on this is fantastic, plastic but it does not feel at all tacky! Let’s add a pod!

Vim Pods

Add a pod and the only thing that really changes other than the fact a pod is inside is that you now have a drip tip that comes joined to the pod itself. This is a perfect sized tip for some nice MTL pulls.

The pod itself looks like a clearmiser just like what I remember buying when I first started vaping. Up top is a non-removable drip tip that goes down to the pod tank itself. The capacity of the pods is 2ml in line with the UK regulations limiting tank sizes! The body has 3 raised areas that help with inserting the mod. There is a metal base to the Pod that has the Vim logo etched on along with the flavour and strength of the liquid. At the very base you will see the base of the coil that connects to the connecting pins in the mod.

Adding a pod to the Vim mod is simple. Insert a pod into the chamber and give a twist either using the drip tip or the grip on the pod itself. There is no click to indicate that it is in place but you can feel the pod almost lock into place. All in all a nice easy action. Like the mod itself the pods are well made and do not appear to leak.

The pods are available in packs of 3 prefilled non refillable pods. The four flavours are Strawberry Chew, Tobacco Menthol, UK Tobacco and Blackcurrent Squash. All are available in 18mg nicotine salts.

The Wee Vim in Action

Pod installed, device on, it’s time to let this baby work its magic. I have high hopes for this one. I found this to be a punchy little device. The flavour from each of the pods was spot on and gave me more satisfaction than most other pods and salt liquids that I have tried.

Firing is almost instant, milliseconds from pressing to getting a nice hit of vapour. The coils inside the pods seem absolutely perfect for the device and are more than capable of going from start to finish on the liquid included, and then some. Its a shame the pod cannot be refilled as I felt there was plenty of life left in the coil.

The Vim itself is lovely to hold and is not bulky at all. Pocket-friendly both in size and in price too. Battery life is another positive, whilst being 900mah it really feels like it goes on and on. In the entire month, I have charged it just 3 times, using it daily ( not all day long ) when out in the car or on a sneaky break at work.

Out of the flavours I tried the strawberry chew was my favourite. A nice sweet strawberry candy flavour, just like a chewitt.


On to the important part. Not only is it pocket sized. Pricing is not going to break the bank either. A quick look on the Jac Vapour website brings up various prices. Some of the best I will list here.

The slate black device only is currently £12.99 – Available here

Wee Vim + Vim Tank £16.99 Available here – Add 5 coils for £9 – £11

However, for the month of October as part of STOPtober you can grab the Wee Vim + 6 pods ( Split into 2 flavours if you wish ) for £24.99 *New* Wee VIM + 2 packs of PODs Only £24.99
Aside from the quality and satisfaction of the Vim and the Vim pods price is a massive selling point. Even though an original critism of mine was the lack of a refillable pod when you factor in the price of the mod and a regular priced pack of pods at £9.99 you are still only looking at £23.00 for the set up which is fantastic value.

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