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Jack Rabbit Vapes

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Six Flavour Review.

Thanks for stopping by to check out this latest review. Today is the turn of Jack Rabbit Vapes. This is a UK company that has gone from strength to strength since they first launched. I was there for the original line up and reviewed this over on Youtube. Seeing a company fresh on the scene go from a small start up to a respected player in the industry is great, especially when it is a homegrown company.

Jack Rabbits contacted me a while back about reviewing these new liquids and work and illness got in the way of getting this out sooner. But here we are and I am proud to be able to share this with you guys. I am going to be looking at six flavours, both in shortfill and their Nicotine salt equivalent. Jack Rabbits success is proven by the sheer number of stockists both in the UK and overseas. For purposes of recommendations, I will be recommending and Vape Club my preferred stockist as they have each of the liquids in stock.

Pricing on these is as follows; 50ml Shortfill inc. Nic shot £13.99, Nic Salts £4.99. The Shortfills are mixed to a ratio of 70vg / 30pg and the salts are a 50vg / 50pg so great for all you pod users out there. The packaging of these and presentation is spot on. Great designs on the labelling and boxes. What I did like though, and you do not see this enough is this. The bottles come with a normal childproof cap on, inside you will also find a seperate drip cap, and another lid too. The idea being you do not have to worry about popping the drip cap when filling with nicotine shot. Simply unscrew, add shot and then place the drip cap in place followed by the regular childproof lid. Top marks here, more companies should follow suit.

On to the flavours.

Banoffee Pie – Shortfill

A firm favourite from the first time around. Opening the bottle presents you with a fresh, authentic banana scent which smells absolutely spot on in terms of being banana! The inhale does not disappoint, sweet, ripe banana cruising in and treating your tastebuds. Already from this point in you know you are in for a treat. The banana is as close to authentic as actually mashing one up into the bottle and somehow getting it vapable. No synthetic taste here, which is where other banana liquids often come up short.

The exhale is a delight, the banana settles and you are welcomed with notes of toffee and creams predominately and at around 70w I found this to be a sweet spot for getting a nice dose of piecrust. All in all this is one tasty liquid. I for one am glad that this one has stuck around from the original line up. 

Blueberry Duffin

I have to admit to not knowing what a duffin is… I had a guess at muffin but had to consult the website for this one. It is infact a mashup of doughnut and muffin.. hence duffin. With that out of the way, it is time to taste.

The smell can only be described as fresh blueberry. Very distinctive and I am not getting anything else here. The inhale is pretty much the same story. Sweetness of fresh blueberries from start to finish. The exhale is where it all comes together. The blueberries still prominent but with a sweet doughy cake taste underneath. This a a delight to vape and the quality is evident. This is not just a few flavours put together, this is perfectly balanced so that you can experience everything that the liquid has to offer.

Mandarin Cheesecake

This is a first for me, I have never had mandarin in an eliquid before. This should be good. It is a fruit that I particularly enjoy eating. Vaping should be just as nice.

I am not normally a fruit juice vaper, I much prefer my bakery, creams and custard type flavours. This kind of ticks the box being a cheesecake liquid and this is the aim of Jack Rabbits, to offer a juice that offers a good balance for vapers that like fruits, desserts or both. The smell from the bottle is very distinctive and recognisable instantly as cheesecake. Not much in the way of a mandarin smell though. The inhale says otherwise though immediately you can taste sweet, sometimes slightly soured notes of mandarin with some vanilla notes towards the end of the inhale. The exhale allows the mandarin slightly more and the vanilla is more emphasised here too. Underneath these is a classic cheesecake biscuit flavour that just lingers right through to the end. The mandarin works incredibly well in this liquid. Whilst being slightly zesty, a little sour at times it is sweet enough to work perfectly with this liquid and provides enough satisfaction for dessert vapers like me and enough fruity punch for fruit vapers too.


When I saw the name of this one I was immediately drawn to a tropical vibe, like the fizzy drink of the same name, can you even still buy that?

Here we have another of the original lineup and an award winning liquid having won best drink liquid at the Vapouround awards in 2017. The inhale I cannot actually describe it, I get all sorts of smells and my brain cannot sort them out! I can only describe it as fresh smelling! The inhale, now things clear up, pineapple is very prominent here as is mango, it should be noted that I do not like mango at all but its ok here at the minute. The exhale is a mash-up of all things tropical with a fresh finish too it. Again pineapple, some papaya ( which I love ) and the mango. There is a light and I mean light note of coconut here, which is pleasing. Normally from experience coconut is far too emphasised in liquids and lands up ruining them, thankfully this isn’t the case at all here. Keeping all these fruit flavours calm are notes of cream, which add a lovely smoothness to the whole flavour. Not normally my type of flavour by any means but this works really well.

Succulent Strawberry

Strawberries have to be the best fruit in the world. I love them, and I love strawberry liquids too. Succulent strawberry smells exactly as it should. Generous notes of strawberry wafting from the bottle. This will be good.

The inhale predictably is strawberry, sweet and non synthetic. The exhale is much the same. A decent strawberry and one of a few simple fruit flavours that actually tastes great, without the need of any other flavours. What you do get here though is a subtle cooling effect to add to the experience. Cool enough for those like me that do not like cold fresh liquids. Very well crafted liquid throughout the inhale and exhale.

Raspberry White Cookie

Save the best till last with this one. I mean this in all sincerity, this is the one that stood out for me as being my kind of flavour and I wanted to review it last so I could enjoy this at my own pace.

The smell, boy, fresh raspberry and a slight biscuit coming from the bottle. The inhale starts with sweet raspberry and a slight hint of vanilla that creeps up towards the end of the inhale. The magic happens on the exhale, the cookie really comes through so well, it is like having a mouthful of warm gooey cookie. There is only one other cookie liquid that I got this from and that was Kooky by The Rochford Project. Cookie and white chocolate notes tease the tastebuds but do not distract the attention away from the raspberries that last from inhale to the very final part of the exhale. This is without a doubt my favourite from the lineup and one that dessert lovers will enjoy as much as me. Top marks guys!

Nicotine Salts

As I mentioned at the beginning, I also received each of the flavours in nicotine salt form too. Nicotine salts are produced to a 50/50 blend making them suitable for pod devices such as the MiPod and other popularly pod mods. The main difference being the increased amount of nicotine that you can get from these without the nasty harsh hit on the throat. There is much variation in the quality of salts but I did find that Jack Rabbits salts offer a smooth and satisfying experience. The hit from the nicotine is fast as it is intended to be and the hit on the throat is akin to that of somewhere between a 3 and 6mg liquid, bear in mind these are in fact 20mg salts.

The flavour you get from each other the flavours is very similar to the normal shortfill bottles that I detailed about. The flavours are slightly muted in some pods so using these in something like the mipod or aspire breeze would be recommended as both of them give great flavour. With that said, all of the flavours are throughly enjoyable. I did find that Rio was perhaps the best of the salts due to the cool fresh effect that added to the throat hit.

A massive thank you goes to Jack Rabbit Vapes for getting these out for review. As I linked about, check out Vape Club for the full range and also, at the time of writing Simply Eliquid also have a few of the flavours on sale for a great price of £8.99!

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