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Joes Juice – Creme Kong – Full Line Review

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Today I am going to be sharing my thoughts on Creme Kong from Joes Juice.

Joe’s Juice was established in 2016 in Nottingham UK. With an absolute abundance of flavours I am pleased to be able to share my thoughts on some of their range.

This is an exciting range for me, quite simply I love custards! Whilst there are many choices in this flavour type it is beginning to become harder and harder to find decent new custard flavours. Many fall short of the mark in terms of flavour. I have already tried the original creme kong which is why I was so excited to be able to try the rest of the line.

10ml – £1.50

50ml Shortfill £7.99

All flavours are available in the following sizes and as of today are priced as follows.

100ml Shortfill £13.99

200ml Shortfill £19.99

30ml Aroma ( Concentrate) £10.00

As with all liquid reviews. Taste is subjective, what I may like about a juice, another may hate and vice versa. This review is to give you some idea of what to expect in terms of flavour and my personal opinions.

The Review

Original Creme Kong

The original creme kong I found a few months ago, but never got round to reviewing it. The reviews I read online were enough for me to go straight in with a 200ml purchase. I am glad I did, it is a lovely liquid that gets even better over time.

The smell from the bottle does not give much away of how good this liquid is going to be. You do get a familiar smell of vanilla custard! That’s a positive straight away.

On to the tasting! The inhale is a beautiful, creamy custard. Giving you a real sensation of custard rolling over your tongue. The taste is not too sweet like some custards. The exhale is where the magic happens, luscious biscuit notes, joined by the custard make for a lovely flavour. The biscuit is dominant enough to not take a back seat and you can taste this throughout the entire exhale.

Overall this is an incredible all day vape for me. I vaped this over the course of around a month, as time went on and the liquid darkened the flavour really went on a journey to becoming a smashing liquid. Next time I will buy two to leave one to mature.

Strawberry Creme Kong

Knowing that the original creme kong is going to make the base of this flavour, I won’t lie I was looking forward to this one. Like vanilla custards, strawberry custard has been done by everyone. For me, none of them really stand out as a flavour. I had high hopes for this one.

First the smell test, straight away you can easily tell this is a strawberry custard. It smells like many others, there is no mistaking this flavour.

Ready to vape and straight off the bat you are hit with a very sweet strawberry flavour, almost the sweetness of wild strawberries. At the tail end of the initial inhale you do get the creamy vanilla custard that I recognised from the original creme kong. The exhale much like before is where the strawberries and custard develop into a strawberry cream filled biscuit flavour. The strawberry is not lacking in flavour throughout and I have to say this flavour has been knocked out of the park. Lovely smooth vape and one I did not put down until the last drop.

Overall this is a stunner. A flavour that has been totally nailed and becomes my benchmark for future strawberry custard flavours. A job well done.

Blueberry Creme Kong

Again built upon the original creme kong base, with the addition this time of blueberry. I can only recall one similar flavour from another company that nailed a blueberry custard. Let’s see how blueberry creme kong comes up.

Smell test presents you with an easily identifiable blueberry smell. Very similar to what I was expecting to be honest.

The actual taste itself I found to be exactly as I was expecting. Fresh blueberry inhale, biscuit and custard on the exhale. The blueberries stole the show on the inhale and did actually mellow down on the exhale which allowed the custard and biscuit time to come through. This is a remarkably well blended flavour. From the initial inhale I thought the blueberry might be too dominant but I was proven wrong.

Overall, this is a great flavour. On par with the previous flavour I tried which was an American premium flavour and one of my highest rated custard of all time. So to hit par with that, you have a very good flavour. At a fraction of the cost I might add!

Lemon Creme Kong

This is where it gets interesting! There is literally only one lemon custard type vape out there that I will vape. I will be honest, I never really got the whole lemon custard thing in the beginning, to me it is not too things that would ever go together and to this day, it is not something that I fancy trying.

The smell instantly gives you strong citrus notes from the bottle. Not overpowering at all like you may expect.

The taste, straight off lemon, lemon and more lemon. Sharp but sweet at the same time, with lovely citrus tones coming in at the backend. Towards the end of the inhale you start to lose the sharpness which is instead replaced by custard undertones before it is time to exhale the good stuff. This is a mixed bag flavour I found, sometimes the biscuit comes right out, other times you barely notice it, the lemon I think dominates. That does not make it a bad flavour by any stretch but I was expecting a little more from this one.

Overall, with the above said and done, this is a flavour I would still buy again. The juice itself perhaps may benefit from a longer steep than I gave it so would be looking at 100ml or 200ml perhaps to see if this turns out to be true.

Caramel Creme Kong

Last one and I saved this till last as it was the least appealling to me purely because I have never really had a decent caramel flavour.

This one from the off smells sweet, I could not really smell caramel, but definitely more than just a simple custard in this bottle.

The taste, well I could not really have been more wrong by leaving this one until last. Warm almost toasty notes of sweet caramel on the inhale with the familiar custard and biscuit on the exhale. Not too sweet, just as a caramel should be. Despite being made entirely from sugar, the process of making it leads to a slight less sweet taste and that is exactly what you get from this flavour.

Overall, another one for the shopping list for me!

Final Thoughts

Such a strong line up for custard lovers! One thing I found really positive other than the fact they are all great flavours, is that the coil life was pretty good and much better than I was expecting. Each flavour I vaped from start to finish on the same coil with the same cotton and noted not too much in terms of coil gunk. For sweet flavours this is almost a rarity now.

At Joe’s Juice I am confident that there is a flavour for everyone! Stuck for choice then check out their 10ml samples, if you found a favourite then you can grab it in bottle sizes up to a whopping 200ml!

As a further inventive to give these a try new customers can treat themselves and save 15% off their first order by entering NEWCUSTOMER at the checkout. Visit Joe’s Juice to see the entire range.

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