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Juice N Power – Eliquid Review

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Juice N Power

Welcome to another E-Liquid review. This time for a relatively new line from the UK. I am going to be looking at and sharing my thoughts on a line consisting of four flavours from Juice N Power. Based in Preston UK, Juice N Power is manufactured by AMA Vapelabs Ltd. I missed out meeting these guys at the Vape Expo in Birmingham when they launched back in October 2017 so I was pleased to have been contacted to carry out the review for them. I was sent all four flavours for purpose of review. These are 50ml shortfill bottles, this allows you to add nicotine shots if you so wish. As they come the bottles contain no nicotine. All 4 liquids in the line are mixed to a ratio of 70VG/30PG. Pricing of these are £15 0mg and £16.99 to purchase with a nicotine shot. All juices come well presented in a box and in Black glass bottles with drippers.

So let’s get on with the review.


First up I am looking at shock. Shock for me gives away its flavour from the labelling. Rainbow colours on juice only mean one type of flavour for me and these are generally skittles inspired flavours. I picked this first out of the four as I am beginning to enjoy these types of flavours. The smell from the bottle is very much as I expected that kind of mixed fruit smell with lots of fruit smells coming out.

Inhale is pretty much like the smell, lots of fruits going on and nothing standing out too much. Sweet notes and citrus notes all the way. The exhale allows everything to settle and you can start to pull out lemons, limes and oranges and as the exhale continues notes of strawberry and a slight blackcurrant. Everything is one big mash-up of flavours though pretty much like pouring a whole packet of skittles into your mouth and having a good old munch. Sometimes there’s more of one type of flavour coming through. Very much the same as if you were eating them.

Shock is a good quality juice, plenty of flavours and won’t disappoint even hardcore fruit fans.


Up next is surge. The smell coming from this one is predominantly Mango and very strong at that but very nice. Inhale is a massive hit of mango straight off and some notes of peach towards the end. The exhale is a bold combination of the two flavours. Neither is trying to outdo the other and works really well. The exhale is nice and smooth, no harshness at all. The peach is very tasty and adds a nice sweetness. The peach rides out the exhale and is the flavour I get the most of on the aftertaste. For me, Mango is not normally a flavour of choice sometimes I find it a little too overpowering and some juices the smell is a little pungent. Not in this case though. This is an incredibly good juice again like Shock this is full of flavour and makes for a really nice juice. Super Refreshing!


Spark comes next and this one is going to be a tough one for me. From the description, this has mint and watermelon. Neither of which I am a fan of. More so watermelon, I do not like watermelon. But on we shall plod with this. The scent from the bottle is watermelon ( not as strong as I expected) and mint. The inhale is straight away Lime and then Watermelon with a subtle fresh mint underneath. The mint is very nice actually I am surprised. The watermelon is as authentic as a watermelon can get. Exhaling gives the Lime chance to build with the mint and combat some of the watermelon taste ( for me ) in other words it actually works rather well. The watermelon isn’t as strong as the inhale had me believe now that the lime and mints come through.

Not one that I would go back to, but one I would happily recommend to people that like this type of flavour.


Final one and this time it is the turn of strike. The scent from the bottle is Melon, couldn’t tell you the type of melon though I am no melon expert! The inhale starts off with melon and a touch of coldness. Punchy, cold and fruity this is pretty nice. The exhale continues with the melon and coolness but under this, you can get a hint of berries, almost the hint of blackberry or raspberry. Whatever it is, it works really well with the melon. Melon is another fruit that does not particularly blow me away. Normally melon is very strong in the juices that it is in and overrides everything else. In strike, it does not do this and instead remains calm and behaves to let the other flavours come through. I enjoyed this one, the coolness particularly made it a nice sweet refreshing juice.


Overall this is a line for those that enjoy well-crafted fruit vapes. There are fruit flavours galore and whilst I didn’t like the entire line equally ( thanks watermelon)! there were two flavours that stood out for me. Shock and surge are incredible flavours and I would recommend those.

You can purchase directly from the Juice N Power website.


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