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Just Jam – Jammy Dodger –

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The Review

As a long time fan of the Just Jam line I was pleased to see something different coming to the line. We’ve had the jam, jam on toast, jam scone and jam doughnuts next up is the limited edition Jammy Dodger. Just Jam are a UK juice line with some splendid examples of jammy juices. There is not much to not like about the line.

For those that do not know a jammy dodger is a British biscuit, filled with jam and are a favourite from childhood up until this day. This is the very reason there was so much appeal personally with this juice. So lets take a look at their latest edition to the line.

The juice itself comes as a shortfill 80ml liquid in a 100ml bottle. Shortfills as we know allow for nicotine shots to be added in optionally. In my case 2 nicotine shots were added to make this a 3mg 100ml liquid. Make sure to remove the O-ring from under the dropper cap. Forgetting this part makes the cap liable to pop off during filling / dripping. Instantly you can see from the label the distinctive Jammy Dodger design and on seeing this in the store I recalled seeing this at the recent VaperExpo in Birmingham and completely bypassed it. Jammy Dodger is an 80vg 20pg juice and was perfect to go into my Kylin.

So here we go with a full tank of juice and read to vape. Inhale is full on Strawberry jam, reminiscent of the original Just Jam Strawberry perfectly sweetened like a real jam. Creeping in at the end of the exhale I am getting a buttery kind of taste with a hint of biscuit. This biscuit taste immediately takes over on the exhale and while I wouldn’t go as far as describing it as the perfect Jammy Dodger taste. It is a very noteworthy effort. The biscuit exhale lingers with teases of the Strawberry jam almost reminding you that it is still there.

Final Thoughts

All in all this is another fine juice from Just Jam, and another great example of a solid UK juice line. For me personally though this is one of those juices that gets vaped and enjoyed then set down for a while. It didn’t quite have the same appeal as the Just Jam – Jam on Scone liquid. Jam on Scone is by far my favourite of the line but for this line that has almost become the benchmark juice for me. Underwhelmed… maybe a little but with that said it is still an enjoyable vape and one that I would continue to purchase in the future. As I mentioned at the beginning, this is a limited edition juice. Despite being underwhelmed I do feel that this would do well as a regular addition to the full line and hopefully this is something Just Jam considers for the future.

Purchase Information

I purchased this liquid to share a review for you.

You can purchase from for £19.99 excluding nic shot.

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