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Kooky by The Rochford Project – Review

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The Rochford Project – Kooky

Time for another review for The Rochford Project. Not heard of them? Where have you been?

The Rochford Project is a UK based company based just down the road from me in Rochford, Essex. I have been very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to review all of their liquids previously. Check that review out here. Jay the owner has to be one of the most skilled mixologists around so a new liquid from him definitely comes with high expectations. The original line up of flavours included Lemon Lush and Strawberries and Cream. These were followed sometime later by Slightly Twisted and Raspberry Milk a good mix of flavours. This time around we are going back to the flavour profile I love with this new liquid called Kooky.

Kooky is based on a soft/gooey butter cookie with the added marshmallows to add to the sweetness. I spent some considerable time trying to get that authentic butter taste that you get from those cookies that you take straight out of the oven or straight from a bakery – The Rochford Project

Kooky comes as a shortfill eliquid, available in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml bottles. Nicotine shots are of course optional here. It’s important to note that if you are using nicotine shots with the 30ml bottle that only half the 10ml shot is needed to make a 3mg liquid. The mix ratio is 75VG/25PG


Let’s Vape

Cookie eliquids, I can count on one hand the decent ones that I have tried. The rest, some were good but not authentic enough for me. I am a massive lover of the supermarket ones freshly baked and still warm if you get them early enough. Not a single liquid has captured that taste authentically enough. The smell from the bottle is a sweet buttery biscuit smell, there’s no mistaking it. Mixed with the biscuit is a nice aroma of something sugary and sweet. This is going to be good I am hoping as the flavour profile is right up my street. I started vaping this on the Dead Rabbit RDA but I am now squonking the remaining half of the bottle on the De Ja Vu RDA.

Starting with the inhale, the rich buttery biscuit comes straight out at you and at the back of the tongue you can pick out some divine levels of sweetness. For me, the sweeter the better, but without too much artificial stuff added in. The exhale, everything goes to next level greatness for me.

The biscuit just comes right alive, at times you get a burst of marshmallow sweetness that pops right out. Marshmallow is never a strong flavour, more often than not I miss it in other liquids but somehow in Kooky it comes right out at you. There are lots of sweet notes in this liquid, pretty much the perfect level of sweetness for me but with no artificial tastes. Furthermore Kooky is very coil friendly despite the sweetness my cotton is staying a nice colour! There is no doubting that Jay has nailed yet another flavour. Squonking this liquid was the only way to go for me otherwise I would be constantly dripping the stuff. Addictive and moreish are two words I would use to describe this liquid and one I would 100% recommend for you to buy. Definitely one of the best cookie flavours I have ever tried.

Thanks to Jay from The Rochford Project for surprising me with this one!

Purchase directly from this link.

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