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Loaded – Nic Shot Update – Shortfills

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Update on Loaded Shortfills

Hey all,

So last month I wrote an article regarding nicotine shots in Loaded eliquids that attracted a lot of interest on social media. I wanted to give you an update in regards to this and give you some good news. So what’s been happening behind the scenes on social media etc. You will remember my post was not about outing any company or naming and shaming and I preferred to keep it that way. Afterall there are some distros out there that are pushing these out as nicotine shot compatible. The companies that I had spoken to had all amended their listings to remove the nicotine shots from being included. Great news! There are still many out there that do give nicotine shots away but hopefully, my post served as food for thought.

Fast forward into March. I was contacted this week by the team at Simply Eliquid to see if I would try out the shortfill version of Loaded. Now before I go any further I must point out that I have been very impressed with what I have seen from these guys on social media. Going above and beyond in terms of customer service and gaining great feedback to boot. Keep it up Simply Eliquid that’s a surefire way to get noticed amongst the masses of vendors out there. So on to my findings regarding these Loaded shortfill bottles.

Loaded Shortfill Findings

Were these going to be legit shortfills, or just bottles with space for nicotine shots? Let’s see! So the picture to the left shows the bottle I received today it was fully sealed but the excited part of me ripped it off before taking the picture. Does not look any different to the full-size 0mg other than the obvious space at the top of the bottle. Now, the picture to the right shows the same bottle but with some different additions to the side of it when compared to the normal bottles. This time the measurement is 100ml ( 120ml bottle ) and also the Mix & Vape logo towards the top. Positive signs, the Mix & Vape logo is there on other brands too that have been properly formulated for compatibility with nicotine shots. What I have done as part of these tests are as follows: Chosen the most delicate flavour, Initial smell test, dripped with no nicotine shot, dripped with 1 nicotine shot and finally dripped with 2 nicotine shots.

Glazed donuts are perhaps the most delicate flavour of the line, whilst being the most popular. With the non shortfills this flavour would have been destroyed by adding even just one shot to it. That’s the reason I chose this flavour. So first things first smelling the liquid before adding nicotine shots. The smell from the bottle was noticeably stronger than what I was used too. This would suggest flavours have been boosted in this. I took a little from the bottle and dripped it onto my RDA and the taste also was much stronger. Next up I added 1 shot to this, tasted again and while the initial flavour had dropped slightly it was still stronger than the normal taste. All good so far! Second nicotine shot added now and given a good shake and dripped again onto fresh cotton. The flavour was exactly the same as I have been enjoying all this time since first trying this liquid over a year ago.

It is clear that these are legit shortfills, just from going from these small tests alone. I love glazed donuts and I had said that any variation from the normal flavour I would have noticed easily thankfully there was no drop in this flavour quality.

So I am pleased to give it my seal of approval ! So for all of you Loaded lovers out there get over to Simply Eliquid to purchase 100ml of Loaded from £15.

Link to glazed is here but full line is available online.

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