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Loco Lola – Full Line Review

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Loco Lola Intro

This one I was excited to share with you guys. Loco Lola is an exciting new line from the flavour whizz Tony at Momo Eliquids. Momo is one of the best UK lines out there and one that I have been very proud to work with on reviews in the past. It was an absolute pleasure to have been contacted to review this new line, Loco Lola.

Loco Lola is a fizzy drink inspired line. A new type of flavour profile for me, one I would normally avoid if given the choice. However, given the quality that Tony pumps out of his Momo factory that went in their favour as I agreed to do the review. I caught up with a very tired Tony at the Vaper Expo in Birmingham back in October and am bringing you this review today. So no further hanging around needed let’s go.

The entire Loco Lola range comes as 100ml Shortfill bottles and are mixed at a ratio of 70VG/30PG. Like the original Momo line, there are no overdosing of sweeteners in these liquids so they are very friendly on your coils.

Black Cola

First up I am trying black cola, smelling the bottle I get a very punchy blackcurrant with light cola tone to it. I am dripping all of these on the Digiflavour Aura. The inhale is a very potent blackcurrant, potent but very very nice. In addition to this is a massive burst of cool that hits the back of your throat nicely. Much like an ice cold drink from the fridge.

Exhaling slowly brings out the cola, it’s not overbearing and the blackcurrant still dominates on the exhale. The cola does go very well with the blackcurrant and this is an incredibly tasty liquid. The coolness lingers through the exhale but is not as strong as when first inhaling. As well as being the first to review this was the first of the line that I polished off!

Lolas Cola

Next up I am trying Lolas Cola. A sniff of this one gives nice tones of Cola. Again I will be using the Aura RDA to test this liquid. The inhale is a really good cola flavour, quite possibly the best that I have tried in a long time. Ice cold again which hits the throat really nicely. Considering these do give an incredibly chilled hit they are really nice. Exhaling, again slowly, the cola comes out even stronger with a very bold lemon kick to it. Like the black cola the coldness carries itself all the way through to the end of the exhale. This is a very refreshing liquid to vape and I will definitely be getting more of this.

Lolas Crush

No cola here this time instead this brings something different. Sniffing from the bottle I get the distinctive smell of oranges. The Aura RDA is used again for consistency in testing the line. Inhale is a mouthwatering orange and lemon the orange is amazing and yes this is the best orange that I have had in an e-liquid. The citrusy lemon adds a pleasant sharpness to the inhale. That blast of koolada that I am now familiar with from the other two liquids is there and packs a punch when it hits the back of the throat. The exhale marries together the oranges and lemon and a subtle taste of tangerines come through and adds a different dimension to the liquid. All in all, this is my favourite of the line, despite finishing the black cola in good time. I have been back for more of Lolas crush and will continue to do so.

Last Thoughts

Loco Lola does not disappoint but I did not expect it to in all honesty. The quality of flavour that we came to know and love from Momo gives the line a boost in expectations. I am looking forward to seeing if Tony brings anything else to this line in the future. I think there is a lot that can be done with this kind of fizzy drink line and hope to see more from it.

Purchase directly from Momo by using this link

Alternative retailer for Loco Lola is No1ejuice.


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