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Momo – Original Line – Review

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Momo Eliquids

It’s time for another revisit and this time around I am going to be revisiting the Momo Eliquids line. Momo is a UK eliquid manufacturer based in Kent. Priding themselves on a good quality brand and at a price that does not break the bank.

I first reviewed these back in early 2017. They originally launched with 2 flavours Slam Dunk and Pink Me and have added to this range regularly. Recently launching the Momo bakery line ( review to come very soon )

All liquids in the range are mixed to a 70-80VG ratio and are available in 6x10ml multipacks and 50ml shortfill bottles to allow nicotine shots to be optionally added. It is worth noting that no extra sweeteners are added to these juices so they are very friendly on your coils.

On with the reviews.

Pink Me

Pink me was one of the original launch flavours and I shall review these in the order of release. Pink me from the bottle has a distinctive smell of strawberries and milk. So let’s get on with it! The inhale is a beautiful sweet strawberry that just makes your mouth water. There’s a subtle hint of cream coming in. The exhale turns the whole liquid into a luscious thick strawberry milkshake with the creams really sticking to your tongue. I said it before and I will say it again this is by far the best strawberry milkshake I have had to date.

Slam Dunk

One of my go back to juices here, this time Slam Dunk. It was only the second juice of this type that I had tried when I first got my hands on this. Nowadays its found its place on my shelf as a repeat buy. The smell is the classic fruit cereal smell that is so easily recognisable. Inhaling confirms this is the case, not as full on as some brands but some do go way over the top with this flavour. The balance is just right here. The exhale continues with the cereal with the addition of some milk notes coming out of it that balance the juice down and turn the citrus & fruity notes of the cereal right down. This is a lovely juice and I would recommend you try this if cereal liquids are your thing.

Drizzle Dream

This came out at a time when I was going through a lemon cake phase. Smelling the liquid it was easy to tell this was going to be a good liquid. Lemon aplenty here. The inhale starts off with a buttery cake taste that gradually works its way into lemon. On the way out there is plenty more cake and more zesty citrus flavour from the lemon. Whilst there is plenty of lemon here it’s not taking over the cake. I much prefer this in this type of juice I like to be able to taste the cake all the way through and that is exactly what you get here. This is my favourite juice of the line.

Soda Lish

A fruity number coming up here. Soda Lish, I was not sure about this one. I was an avid fan of desserts and was a bit picky about what I bought and struggled with fruit flavours in general. The smell from the bottle was very fruity but I could notice grapefruit, I hate grapefruit! The inhale starts off with lemons and works into nice tones of raspberry. No sign of that grapefruit yet considering it was quite prominent in the smell. Exhaling slowly and bam there’s the grapefruit, but hang on it actually tastes alright ( not enough to make me want a real one ) and then the lemons and raspberry notes. There’s something else underneath that adds a sweetness to the juice ( I now know this to be plum ). What impressed me more was the fact that whilst grapefruit is in there it is really nice and marries in with the other flavours well. So much so that it does not become a dominating flavour like I expected it to be.

* Since this was released there is also an Iced variant too adding a level of coldness to the juice.


Tropic-cool is another fruity one. By the time this was released, I am quite into fruity vapes. Still will not beat a dessert vape anyway but definitely more open-minded these days. So the smell when opening for me is mainly oranges. Inhale is as expected an orange flavour, much like an orange juice followed closely by mango. Out on the exhale the orange continues to dominate but joined by citrus undertones of lemon and a very subtle apple, perhaps for sweetness and ending up with pineapple. The orange and pineapple mix is exceptional! The entire juice reminds me of an orange and pineapple squash. Gorgeous! One for you fruit fanatics.

* Since this was released there is also an Iced variant too adding a level of coldness to the juice.

Lime Berry

Last but certainly not least is Lime Berry. Smelling this one gives a blast of lime out of the bottle. Lime normally makes me cough a little when I have had it previously. Taking a nice hit in gives an immediate burst of lime, not too potent but definitely an authentic lime juice flavour. The lime reminds me of lime skittles, lots of sharp notes. The exhale is still very much lime but teases with sweet notes of berries. I think I get red berries and blackberries at this point but the lime overpowers the berry more. Overpowering is normally a bad thing but in this case, it is a good thing. It is about midway through the exhale that your tongue starts to pick up a few more sweet tones. This would be the brown sugar. Not really for taste I am sure but more to sweeten things up and it does this very well.


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  • The code above is purely to save you money, it is not an affiliate link and I will in no way earn a commission from any sales using this code.

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