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New from Loaded Eliquid – Apple Fritter – Simply Eliquids

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After a couple of months telling you all about how great Simply Eliquids are, it was time for me to place an order for some of my addiction juice. I popped in an order for 3 bottles of Apple Berry Crumble from I like VG. This was one of those purchases, almost a money where my mouth is kind of thing. My order was received on the day I expected it to be along with a little extra from Danielle who I have witnessed time and time again giving exceptional service over on Twitter.

Within my order, I found a bottle of one of the newest flavours from Loaded Eliquid. Loaded have recently released Apple Fritter and Melon Milkshake to their range. I must admit to being a fan of their range so far. A lot of the flavours hit my flavour tastes perfectly, so I had high hopes for this one.

Apple fritter comes in a 120ml bottle containing 100ml of liquid. The flavours have been boosted to accommodate nicotine shots. Apple fritter is a 70VG/30PG liquid. Before reviewing I added 2 nicotine shots to give a 3mg 120ml liquid.

Apple Fritter Review 

Bakery juices as a whole tend to hit the spot for me, anything cake or donut and you are already onto a winner. That is unless it tastes bad! I do not expect bad things from the Apple Fritter and made no delay in getting into the bottle. The smell from the bottle is reminiscent of One Hit Wonder’s Muffin Man. I loved that juice!

I tested this in the Wotofo Bravo RTA. The inhale starts off with a doughy kind of taste, very similar to a donut with a few apple notes coming in. Not a massive amount of apple going on here but definitely a nice buttery doughy taste. The inhale itself is very smooth, even after just adding nicotine shots.

The exhale is where the juice comes alive and lots of different flavour notes start to come into play. The apple from the inhale starts off as a fresh apple taste and turns into a much sweeter apple taste. Almost like a caramelised apple. Plenty of sugary notes here to suggest that. Riding underneath this and lasting until the end of the exhale is a good amount of cinnamon. The cinnamon is balanced just right, not too much so as to spoil the intended flavour. At higher wattages, you get more of the doughy taste on the exhale.

One thing I did notice at lower wattages there was a slight sharpness to the juice that came and went. A little odd at first but bearable and did disappear if I went to higher wattages.

Overall another pleaser from Loaded. Unfortunately, their other new release Melon Milkshake does not appeal to me in the slightest. I struggle at the best of times with Melon flavours, turning that into a milkshake – Nah! no thanks! 🙂


A massive thank you to Danielle from Simply Eliquid for sorting this out for me to review. If you have not checked them out yet I highly recommend these as a company.

As you may have seen, I do have a discount code for them: vapingwithjay15 this will get you 15% off all purchases. I will add, I do not receive any commission from Simply Eliquid for the use of my code. You are welcome to use it and share it with others if you wish to do so.

Check out Simply Eliquid at their website

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