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Nicotine Shots – Usage – US Liquids.

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Nicotine Shots and US juices.

After a conversation with a couple of friends over on Twitter this past week its come to light that some companies out there are not quite getting things right when it comes to some of the American made eliquids. I just wanted to throw this post out there, not to name and shame because at this point its not required. I just want to spread awareness of something that I am noticing online more and more.

So obviously since the start of the TPD shortfills have become the norm, more and more companies compliment there range with a shortfill option for those that want a bigger bottle over the smaller 10ml bottles. Now there are two things happening out there that I wanted you to be aware of.

Shortfills that aren’t strictly shortfills.

Firstly a few companies have told me that some of the brands out there are selling shortfills but are not boosting the concentrates but instead just not filling the bottles to the top to allow you to add nicotine. I have had no experience of this but would be interested in hearing if anyone has noticed any particular brands that almost taste diluted once you have added the nicotine shots into your liquid. This should not be happening, the liquid should taste as good as it always has if the flavours are boosted. The nicotine shot should only bring it back down to the intended taste.

Loaded Ejuice and Nicotine Shots

This is the one that got me. Previously when TPD came in Loaded produced their liquid in TPD compliant bottles of 10ml and multipacks up to 12 x 10ml. Recently over the past 6 months, I would say Loaded has reappeared in 120ml bottles containing 0mg, fair enough. There’s nothing wrong with that. But what follows is not great in my opinion.

Companies have these listed and state that 2 nicotine shots are included, or they send with nicotine shots. Now, the issue with this is that for those not completely au fait with these things. 120ml of 0mg is filled to the top pretty much, how do you fit 20ml in nicotine shots into this bottle? thats problem number 1. Number 2 is that even if you decant this into say 2 bottles, splitting the liquid between the two bottles and adding a nicotine shot to each of these you are infact DILUTING the flavour by 1/5th with a delicate flavour like glazed donuts you will simply ruin your liquid!

The fact is, this liquid is not suitable for adding nicotine shots to.

To the vapers buying.

Please be aware of the above if you are buying these liquids and you receive a full bottle with nicotine shots. Check with the company if you have a true shortfill if you receive anything other than loaded in 120ml 0mg. The only feasible way to use these liquids with nicotine is to source 72mg. This way you can add a small amount to your liquid to no noticeable effect. Either that or buy the 10ml multipacks.

To the vendors selling.

This is your business, you know what you are selling and sending out to customers. You should also know that the liquid will dilute drastically. Why do it? There are “reputable” vendors out there that I opened conversation privately about this but still after all this time you still sell and still send out nicotine shots and advertise to that effect too. I know that some may say they do not advise to add and it is optional, my argument to this is if you are sending them out it implies they are suitable. Maybe time for a rethink.


I am not doing this to make a scene or cause hassle for businesses. But those of you that know me know that I do not like people being messed around or misled. If I see that happening I do not like it and I want to help them out. At the same time it is about giving others the right information to make an informed decision.

I will be trying to speak with the companies again one last time by private means, but should that fail or be ignored I will be compling a list on this post of the companies concerned. Hopefully that is not the case.






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