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The Rochford Project – Formerly known as Demon Vaper

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The Rochford Project – Full Line Review

The Rochford Project are based in the small Essex town just outside of Southend On Sea and happens to be a very short distance from me. Not much happens there so imagine my surprise when back at the time I had just started out reviewing I was contacted by James from the then-named Demon Vaper. Back then and even now there was much noise about a particular liquid called Lemon Lush which I was sent to review on my Youtube channel ( I’d link here but Youtube lost all 155 of my videos ). I was also sent Strawberries and Cream. Both were banging! So much so I am going to let you know about these and the two new additions to the line here today.

The company came about as part of Jay’s journey from quitting smoking to finding that perfect all day vape that we all strive for. On this journey, he came up with the two initial flavours that were good enough for him and good enough to bring to market and produce in bulk for us all to enjoy!


So back in the day, which seems so long ago Demon Vaper produced these liquids for the masses. But with the costs involved in TPD compliance and what not the onset of the TPD saw sales of Lemon Lush and Strawberries and Cream come to a halt. The marketing continued and we knew as a community it would not be long until we saw more of Jay and his juice. It was not a long wait and I soon saw the Twitter family talking to The Rochford Project, This was our beloved Jay with a renamed business and new look liquids. The same two flavours that we came to know and love joined by two new flavours and some extra attention to detail.


It is not often that I do an unboxing for a liquid but in this case, it is entirely justified. Jay prides himself on producing a great product. The previous reviews from myself and other vaping reviewers were a testament to the legend status this line achieved. Attention to detail and customer needs is amazing and there are very few companies that look at things this way anymore.

So onto the unboxing, Take a look at this picture to see why this section is needed. As you can see things have changed dramatically. No longer a small plastic bottle but now a nice sturdy box containing all you need to vape this incredible liquid. In the box you will find :

  • 60ml Bottle ( Contains 50ml Liquid )
  • Empty Unicorn Bottle ( 30ml )
  • 10ml Nic Shot ( 18mg )
  • Protective Gloves
  • Sticker
  • Business Card

This, of course, is a shortfill bottle of liquid. Concentrates are boosted to allow you to add in the nicotine without weakening the flavour. Gloves to protect you as you add in the nicotine and a unicorn for decanting purposes. So much thought has gone into this so that everyone gets everything they need from the word go. I think this is a super touch as a lot just getting into the whole shortfill idea will forget to add nic shots and won’t have gloves. There’s no excuses not to be able to get into this straight away now!

Right on with the liquid reviews.

Lemon Lush

The smell when opening this is mostly Lemon, a little bit cake and a delight. That’s before vaping! The inhale you are hit with one of the best cake tastes I have ever had in an eliquid with a little lemon running behind it. It gives you the impression that you really have had cake and eating it! The exhale is more about the lemon and the cake comes out some more. This is just like a lemon drizzle cake ( or lemon pound cake for you US folk ) Aftertaste I get a sense of a sugar coating, or like a lightly iced cake which is rather tasty indeed. This is one of those liquids that you pick up and stay on until you run out. But is one of those that you never want to run out of! For this, the hype is real and truly justified.

Strawberries and Cream

This is not just any old strawberry and cream. Thinking back to when I first reviewed this it was not the first I tried and I was not particularly fussed to try. Strawberries and cream comes in so many forms that I didn’t expect it to be much different ( noob reviewer error ) But when I tried it my opinion definitely changed.

The smell for me was a nice strawberry, something else but I could not think what. Inhale surprised me here. I got a lovely biscuit, nice and buttery and enough strawberry to know that it was there. It was not as heavy on the strawberry as I had expected. The exhale however, this is where the magic happens. Imagine getting a spoonful of thick double cream and getting that into your mouth… got it ? That is exactly what you get here. The cream just appears and it is like a mouthful and was ( and still is ) the best cream experience I have had from a single eliquid ever! The strawberry adds a lovely sweetness to the juice and the biscuit fades right down to leave a lovely aftertaste.

Lesson learnt here so I will pass it on. Do not think this is just another Strawberries and Cream… you will be wrong!

Raspberry Milk

Right, on with the new juices. I was so excited to be told that I was chosen to review the new liquids in the range. Given the whole vaping experience with the previous too I could not wait. Raspberry milk upon opening you are met with a wonderful raspberry smell like no other. I have had good raspberry juices in the past and the fruit itself I like. I do love a good milkshake liquid too so I am expecting for my tastebuds to be spoilt here.

Inhale is a delicate and fantastic tasting raspberry that only increases in taste as you inhale. Exhale is again like the strawberries and cream where you are treated to a mouthful of milk. The milk and the raspberry compliment each other perfectly and marry together well. You can start to pick out vanilla notes on the exhale that linger beautifully long after the exhale.

Another well-crafted liquid from Jay !

Slightly Twisted

Slightly twisted sounds like it might be something dark and evil thankfully it is as far from that as it can be. Sniffing the bottle as I added my nicotine shot I was reminded of my after school treat a twister lolly. I’ve had juices based on these before and it’s very much a mixed bag when it comes to how close they actually come in terms of taste. Inhaling you are smacked with a massive hit of lime. Not massive in the sense that it is too much, it’s actually rather nice. The lime reminds me of Lime starbursts very nice indeed. That’s about it for the inhale for me. The exhale brings more of the lime which actually settles down somewhat and is very refreshing. Underneath this I am getting some very subtle raspberry this leads me back to the twister ice lolly and I can imagine this being the centre part. I do really like this, it makes a change to have a nice refreshing juice that tastes as good as this.


Final words

This is a massive review and it is really hard to put into words just how great these juices are. I feel that there is much to offer for all tastes here. I would love to see what Jay brings into the future. In the future I would really love to see some custard flavours and doughnuts too ! Or maybe a custard doughnut even !

So much effort and research has gone into producing some amazing liquids and making sure the presentation and branding is on point and I am pleased to say Jay has excelled here.

Purchase from for £17



2 thoughts on “The Rochford Project – Formerly known as Demon Vaper

  1. It is really nice juice , but the amount of unnecessary crap in the box is just adding to this massively already overpriced juice!. Ok , I know It’s really nice eliquid , but the price is extortionate for what you get. I used to love this juice pre Tpd but sadly the price is just laughable now.

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