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T’s Bludo – Vivdvapes T’s Custard Line

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T’s Custard Line – Bludo

Thanks for coming to read another review. This time I am back on one of my favourite custard lines from Tony at Vivdvapes. Previous reviews from this stunning line can be found here.

There are two things I particularly love when it comes to flavour profiles in e-juice. Firstly donuts I could vape the good ones all day long. Secondly, custards which have made a comeback into my favourite liquid types after having some very good ones thanks to Tony and a couple of other companies.

Here we have T’s Bludo described as a Blueberry jam and Custard filled¬†donut. This should be good.

Let’s Vape!

Starting with the inhale this was a gorgeous tart like blueberry jam that mixed perfectly with a delicious donut towards the end of the inhale. This almost teases that there is more donut to come in the exhale and based on the inhale alone this is a fantastic juice already. The flavours blend well together and the blueberry jam, whilst strong, does not overpower things here.

The exhale brings the now distinctive tones of Tony’s splendid custard. This is a custard that ranks highly on the list of favourites. Along with the custard, the blueberry mellows down and the donut comes through a little more. Right at the end of the exhale I am left with a lovely sugary taste which just leaves my taste buds begging for me.

Info and Purchasing

All of T’s custard line come in shortfill 50ml bottles with 10ml gap to allow you to top up with a nic shot or VG. Pricing is just ¬£14 which is a very good price for juice of this calibre.

Nicotine shots are available separately remember to add 1 if you need nicotine liquids.

A direct link to purchase can be found here.


T’s custard line truly is a gorgeous line of custard liquids. Whilst distinctive tones of Tony’s custard come through in each juice. Each are standout juices that are unique in their flavours. Bludo is one of my favourites from the line and one I recommend for you guys to try.

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