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T’s Custard Line – Revisited

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T’s Custard Line – Not Just Another Custard

So here we are revisiting this line as it has been a good few months since the video review and I truly believe these juices need repeat recognition. Custard eliquids, its been a long time.

T’s Custard line is the creation of master mixologist extraordinaire Tony from . The story goes a little something like this. A short time ( for me ) before the kick in of the TPD in the UK a secret custard club was formed over on Twitter, I kept on seeing posts about this mysterious custard doing the rounds in particular from a few respected accounts that I follow. So I set about finding my way into this secret club. Off I went to speak with Tony and purchased some of his Vanilla Custard. I had high expectations on this given that I know just how much research goes into the liquids that he actually stocks on his site. These are what Tony considers to be fit for him to sell and armed with that knowledge I would have guessed his own juice would have to be top notch.

Fast forward to post TPD and Tony has gone all out on releasing his mixes for us all to enjoy !

T’s custard line has evolved from an initial Vanilla Custard following up with Biscuit Custard Pudding, Custard Zeppole and Red n Yellow. We will go over these shortly.

To save repetition all of the liquids below come as 50ml shortfills. This means you will receive a 60ml chubby bottle containing 50ml of 0mg eliquid. With enough space at the top of the bottle to either add 10ml of VG or 1 Nicotine shot to give you either a 60ml 0mg or a 60ml 3mg liquid ( if you add the nic shot ) All liquids have had their concentrates boosted so if you opt to add nothing to your liquid you will have 50ml of stronger flavoured eliquid. In addition these are all 70vg / 30pg liquids.

So here goes…

Vanilla Custard

T’s Vanilla Custard was the very first juice I tried from Tony and I had clean cotton and coils waiting eagerly in

anticipation for its arrival. Custards and I have a love hate relationship. I quit smoking with a custard eliquid, struggled to keep getting it and never quite found the perfect one again. Yes there are great custards but there are also some


dreadful custards. Like a child my attention span when it comes to eliquid means I am always looking for the next best thing. So I really hoped to not be disappointed with this one.

So back to the Vanilla Custard. This was ridiculously good. From the almost perfect inhale of custard greatness to the creamy undertones on the exhale. A perfect amount of vanilla to make this absolutely spot on. With custards I expect silky smooth, this is what I got throughout the entire juice. This is a great ADV ( all day everyday until its gone ). As custards go this goes right up there with the best of them.

Biscuit Custard Pudding

Following hot on the heels of the Vanilla Custard comes Biscuit Custard Pudding. Containing all the great things as in

the review above but with the addition of super buttery biscuits. Boy this was going to be good, even from opening the bottle and having a quick sniff it was easy to notice the biscuit coming from the bottle.

On to vaping it, the inhale is very much about the biscuit until the very end then you are hit with the creaminess of the vanilla custard as you start to exhale. The thing I like about this is that its clear that so much work and research has gone into nailing these flavours just from the quality of the juice all the way through to the entire vape experience. Biscuit custard pudding has it all for me. Balanced in sweetness and the addition of a lovely buttery biscuit to what was already a fantastic custard makes this even more of a pleasure to vape.

T’s Custard Zeppole

Whats a Zeppole? you may ask, I asked google the same when I first received this.


The answer is basically a deep fried dough ball… Taste buds watering immediately. I am a dessert and donut freak this had to be good. Given the previous two liquids were superb there was little doubt in my mind this would be equally as good. I actually found about 4ml of this as I am writing this. Super steeped it is but it gave me chance to remember this juice. Inhale is a delicate mix of a pastry / doughy type flavour coupled with the now distinctive vanilla custard. On the exhale you get all this along with a little bit of magic dust on the end almost as though a sprinkle of icing sugar had been added to my mouth as I vaped. This for me was .. excuse the pun, the icing on the cake. Simply put this is another fantastic ADV for me.

T’s Red n Yellow

The final liquid I am going to look at is the Forth release in the custard line. Though at the time of writing there are two further eliquids that I will share with you but on a separate post as these reviews are follow ups based on my youtube reviews. T’s Red n Yellow is a Strawberry custard tart this already was going to be good, Tony seems to have the magic touch. 

Strawberry custards for me are generally disappointing. Nothing matches that Strawberry custard from school dinner days so I tend to steer clear. As a reviewer though, you get to try things that you would not normally go for if you were buying. With the knowledge that everything else has been great I made no delay in getting into this. The inhale was a fantastic strawberry, not to sweet, not too dominant. The vanilla custard creeping in and almost covering the strawberry flavour. The exhale you start to get the biscuit coming out giving that idea that you have bitten into a strawberry custard tart for real. Super smooth and certainly change my opinions on strawberry custards for the better. This is another fine eliquid from Tony.


T’s Custard Line has set a new benchmark when it comes to custard eliquids for me personally. The whole line may be based around this now legendary vanilla custard but each liquid brings something new to the table and brings enough to make the line enjoyable time after time. I highly recommend checking out Tony’s website and purchase some of these juices right away.

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