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Vape D-Lites – Original Line

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VapeDlites – Review

It has been a long long time since I reviewed this line and even longer still since I came across this company at the VaperExpo in Birmingham back in October 2016! Yes, that’s how long I have known about this company. Back then they were probably unheard of by many in the UK. VapeDlites is a US company hailing from San Diego, California. This is a family run company and one I am extremely proud to have met.

Whilst walking around the Expo I turned a corner and was approached by a couple of the guys to try out their juices. These guys were out front of their stand pushing their brand, instead of shying away. The amount of enthusiasm and eagerness to hear my opinion on their juice was wonderful. You could see that a lot of passion and hard work had gone into their liquids.

That day I tried ( and purchased ) Ice Cream Funwich, Danish Swirl and Lychee. Ice Cream Funwich and Lychee are not currently available in the UK but they can be purchased from their US website

1 Year Later

So I kept in regular contact with JayCee from Vapedlites and was pleased to hear that he and Vapedlites would be appearing at the October 2017 show and I promised to go along and see him for a catch-up. But in the year that had whizzed by VapeDlites had broken into the UK market in style with fantastic reviews from myself and many other reviewers sharing their good name. It was hardly a surprise because this is one passionate company that had the goal of coming to the UK market and they succeeded even against the burdens the TPD weighed on them.

General Info

All of the liquids I am about to review are high VG juices. Mixed to a ratio of 80VG/20PG

Available in the following sizes – 10ml, 3 x 10ml & 80ml Shortfills

Danish Swirl

The first juice that I am going to review is Danish Swirl. This was the initial juice I tried at the Expo and was pleased that this one alone made it to the UK market. Just like its real-life namesake, this smells like a proper Danish Swirl so let’s get on with the taste. The inhale is a nice pastry taste with a small hint of cinnamon, not a hot cinnamon. The exhale brings out more cinnamon and a nice buttery taste of the pastry comes out. This is a super smooth vape and a perfect all day vape for me. The cinnamon for me is perfectly balanced which is great, too many companies go overboard with this and land up spoiling their liquids.


Maple Glazed

Maple Glazed is another for those with a sweet tooth and for those that love a nice donut vape. On the inhale a delicious donut with a delicate hint of vanilla trailing behind the donut for me is a nice flavour. Better than a lot of the donut liquids I have tried. On the exhale you get a very distinctive maple syrup which adds a great amount of sweetness to the flavour but this is not sickly sweet. Another favourite.


This was always going to be a weird one for me. Pomegranate and Mango, cannot say I really liked Pomegranate and certainly had not tried it in a liquid before, unless among many other flavours. So sniffing this I was mostly getting the smell of mango and a pleasant smell too. Inhale was very much Mango and a little Pomegranate but not much. On the exhale the Pomegranate shows itself a little more and blends really well with the Mango. I was quite surprised at just how nice it was in the end. Despite my early reservations, this was a really nice and refreshing vape. Needless to say, the bottle did not last long.

Frooty Momma – Rainbow Fresh

This is a mix of 8 different fruits needless to say I could not find all 8 !! The inhale is a massive mash-up of flavours and is absolutely delicious. I am definitely picking out some strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and I think a slight melon taste. The exhale is very much the same but I do get some citrus notes coming out and I don’t know if my mind is playing tricks but I also get a kiwi taste too. The kiwi taste comes and goes which is why I was confused !! All in all, this is a lovely juice, the amount of flavour to it is insane and they all marry together really well. Nothing is too prominent and makes for a really nice vape.

Deep Fried Cookies

This was one of my favourites of the line. Suits my taste buds perfectly! The inhale is a luscious biscuit which is accompanied by a chocolate oreo like taste. This alone was a delicious experience in itself. The exhale introduces an Ice Cream with Sprinkles which makes this a perfect juice for me. The exhale is super creamy and coupled with the cookie/oreo is really enjoyable. I highly recommend this.


These are 5 incredible liquids that I am pleased to have been offered the chance to review. This is a fantastic company and one to watch out for in the future.

One thing I did not mention in the review is that these juices contain no additional sweeteners. This makes them incredibly friendly on your coils and to be honest the juices sweet enough without. I will be reviewing their new line Pocket Rocket in an upcoming review. For now lets just say buy them now !!!

Purchase Info.

You can purchase direct from their UK site here, their US site here or from one of my recommended UK stores Conwy Valley Vapours


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